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Item #: SCP-1026

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1026 is currently housed at Site ██ in the EMF insulated wing. Although useless in this containment area, all radios, cellular telephones and any other wireless communication equipment still must be turned off, with their power sources disconnected from their circuits. The PA system for the entire wing must always be left disconnected from the rest of the site. No metal, glass, or polymerized plastics should be worn or placed against the body. No personnel who wear corrective lenses shall be allowed within 45.72m (50yds) of SCP-1026's enclosure. As required for all Keter-class objects, access to SCP-1026 is limited to Security Class-D personnel, with a minimum of four experienced team members. Larger teams must never include more than one member who has never previously accessed SCP-1026.

SCP-1026, through the use of its powerful sense fields, will become aware of approaching personnel shortly after entering the hallway leading to the High-Energy Caged Section (HECS). During this stage of approach, personnel should have their dead radios available and be listening carefully. Personnel must immediately stop moving if a crackling or static are observed from any communications device or loudspeaker. Do not resume motion until the noise has ceased for an entire minute. If what has been described as a gentle, melancholy "whooping" sound follows this noise, then immediately dispose of all communications equipment and leave the HECS. Personnel exposed to the sound are prohibited from approaching SCP-1026 again, as this subject is known to occasionally form "imprints" of certain personnel. Should it ever again sense the presence of an imprinted person, he/she will immediately experience a multitude of unpredictable and mentally-compromising symptoms, often severe enough to mandate summary termination of the exposed person(s) in order to maintain the safety of the team. As the team approaches the east stair leading to the sound-proof enclosures, Class-D noise baffles should be inserted in the ears at this time, as SCP-1026 has become capable of vibrating its own enclosure to generate hazardous sounds.

SCP-1026's current transfer status is "K" (non-transferable while intact).

Description: SCP-1026 is only barely visible to the naked eye at a safe distance, and has the appearance of a long, dark, fine filament with anywhere from two to seven spring-like coiled sections which have been observed to migrate along the length of the subject. The coils are capable of resonating at a variety of compound frequencies, though the coils are also believed to provide surprisingly rapid locomotive motility. No successful attempts have been made at observing SCP-1026's detailed structure, as it habitually matches and produces the harmonic vibrations required to shatter optical lenses of any material placed in or near the enclosure.

SCP-1026 is capable of oscillating at any range of frequencies; as low as the audible spectrum, and well up into the THz range, in which the compression waves actually induce high-energy EMF along with destructive response frequencies in conductive media. As with virtually all other aspects regarding SCP-1026, the factors which promote this dangerous behavioral state are poorly understood, though a "wailing" or "whooping" sound emanating from speakers and electronic equipment often serves as a warning of more hazardous activity. Changes in SCP-1026's behavior are likely precipitated by the introduction of brainwaves (e.g. when personnel are near or inside the HECS) but this is not always the case. Refer to the following excerpt from Incident Report ███████████:

…sufficient fields were generated to cause extensive arcing damage to the high-energy faraday cage, and plasma burns were found over much of the interior surface of SCP-1026's enclosure, which was otherwise intact and secure. SCP-1026 was found to be relatively unchanged in appearance, and did not acknowledge the presence of the recovery team. No personnel were known to have been present in the wing when the anomaly occurred, as entry into all caged sections had been prohibited over the previous 21 days by order of the site's deputy director of science…

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