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Item #: SCP-103

Object Class: Safe

Status: Released

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-103 does not require any specific or strict containment procedures. If SCP-103 begins to show any signs of distress or erratic behavior, SCP-103 is to be moved to a 5m x 5m room while awaiting medical examination.

N/A. See Addenda 103-a and 103-b.

Description: SCP-103 appears to be an average human male in his mid-forties. Subject has been measured at 190 cm in height, and weighing in at 100 kg. Subject was born in 196█ on ████ ██th. The Subject has no known living relatives at this time.

Subject checked into a small, local hospital in Mid-April at approximately 9:30PM. The subject explained to the doctor on staff that he had not eaten for weeks, due to not feeling any effects of hunger. After an initial examination, SCP-103 appeared to be perfectly healthy despite his condition. SCP-103 continued to explain to the staff that he didn't feel any need to eat.

Upon obtaining and studying SCP-103, it appears that any solid or liquid coming in contact with the inside of SCP-103's stomach disappears instantaneously. Despite this condition, SCP-103 appears to be perfectly healthy. At this point it is unknown how SCP-103 obtains the nutrients that a human would need to survive or where the provided food ends up after consumption. SCP-103 does not expel any waste. SCP-103 has reported becoming thirsty [as a 'normal' human would], due to this, a standard cooler with 12 bottles of fresh spring water are to be delivered to SCP-103's room at 6:30AM every morning. SCP-103 has shown no signs of hostility towards our staff, occasionally engaging in conversation and board games provided by the staff.

Addendum 103-a: All testing to date has been inconclusive. It is unlikely that further testing will teach us anything new. Research terminated. Subject released. Research logs are to remain on file.

Addendum 103-b: SCP-103 poses no significant threat to anyone or anything and has not been privy to any restricted information. In light of his consistent cooperation and the lack of progress in the study of his condition, continuation of his detention is unjustifiable. Per his request, SCP-103 has been released from Foundation custody as of October 17, 2008. He has been placed in the United States Federal Witness Protection Program so as to avoid inconvenient questions regarding his conspicuous absence. He has been listed as a Missing Person in all public and official files, as per standard near-human ex-SCP protocol.

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