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Item #: SCP-105

Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-105 is to be kept in a two-room cell furnished with whatever SCP-105 requests as long as such requests do not violate any standard SCP procedure. Subject is allowed to freely wander the facility, but is not allowed within one hundred meters of another SCP object for security reasons. Once per week, SCP-105 is allowed to leave the facility for one hour. During this period SCP-105 is to be accompanied by two plain-clothes agents. (This privilege is to be suspended until further notice.) SCP-105 has been implanted with a tracking device, and displays no extraordinary physical ability, thus probability of escape is negligible. Subject is allowed to carry one Polaroid camera, but is not permitted to take any pictures within the facility, or of any SCP staff. Subject currently resides in Site-17.

Description: SCP-105, who refers to herself as "Iris", appears to be a Caucasian female. She claims to be eighteen years old. Subject has blond hair and blue eyes, is 1.54 meters in height, and 50 kilograms in weight (variable). Subject does not appear to have any out-of-the-ordinary physical characteristics. Subject displays all basic needs of a normal human being, but favors healthy foods.

When SCP-105 is in possession of a photograph, she is able to look through it, as though it were a window, and see the location depicted in the photograph in real-time, somewhat mimicking the effect of a security camera. Also, she is able to "reach through" the photograph, and perform minor actions on objects within the photo's reach. Estimates indicate that subject is able to apply roughly 50 newtons of force to an object, and is able to lift objects with masses of no more than 10 kg.

Origin: The Foundation became aware of SCP-105's presence when she was standing trial for the murder of her boyfriend when she was sixteen years old. She claimed to have witnessed his death through a photograph of his room, and she rushed to save him; however, this unfortunately, placed her at the scene of the crime, and with several pieces of botched evidence. Her lawyer advised her to take an insanity plea, and she was placed in indefinite custody of the █████████ ██████ psychiatric care facility. When SCP examined the court case, it was decided to test the subject's proposed ability. Subject was, at first, reluctant to be taken into SCP custody, using the phrase "New prison, new warden." However, she later decided to join willingly, under the condition that she would be allowed time outside at least once a week. Subject's parents were informed that subject died trying to escape from the asylum.

<Begin Log>
Dr. █████: Please give a brief personal introduction, including date and place of birth, and your name.
SCP-105: Okay… My name is Iris Thompson, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 12th, 1990.
Dr. █████: Good. First question, when did you become aware of your abilities?
SCP-105: I'm not sure, but I think I was either ten or eleven. I remember because I was looking at a picture of the ocean, and I noticed that the waves began moving.
Dr. █████: How did your parents respond when you told them?
SCP-105: They just said that I had an overactive imagination.
Dr. █████: When did you discover that you were able to manipulate objects through a photograph?
SCP-105: I was twelve, after my family had taken a trip to the Grand Canyon, I accidentally pushed a small rock over the edge. After that I became a photography fanatic. I took pictures everywhere, and for my thirteenth birthday, I…
Dr. █████: (Interrupting) Please, only answer the questions and nothing else.
SCP-105: Sorry sir.
Dr. █████: How many photos can you focus on at one time?
SCP-105: I've gotten up to ten at once, but I'm sure I could do more eventually.
Dr. █████: When did you discover that you could [DATA EXPUNGED]?
<End Log>

Addendum 105-00: "We have run every type of test imaginable on Iris, and the only conclusion that I am able to draw is that her physiology is indistinguishable from that of a normal human being. It is confounding how she is able to have such an extraordinary ability with such an ordinary brain. I will try to contact the SCP ethics committee regarding this issue and the terms of her containment." -Dr. Dantensen

Addendum 105-01: SCP-105 has volunteered her services to provide additional surveillance on SCP-███ and SCP-███. (Permission Denied)

Addendum 105-02: SCP-105 has expressed interest in joining Mobile Task Force Omega-7, for reconnaissance purposes. (Permission Granted by Gen. ██████, Prof. █████████, and SCP-076-2.)

Addendum 105-03: SCP-105 has requested that security cameras be removed from her cell, due to her clean behavior record. (Permission Granted by Dr. Dantensen. [Permission subsequently rescinded until further notice.])

Addendum 105-04: SCP-105 has requested one (1) Bible (NIV translation) and barring from testing on Sunday mornings. (Permission Denied.)

Addendum 105-05: Subject has been accepted into Mobile Task Force Omega-7, having beaten SCP-076-2 in a contest to see which of the two could activate several devices, each spaced over a mile away from each other and the starting point. SCP-105 managed to score significantly higher than SCP-076-2 by using her inherent abilities to her advantage. SCP-076-2 ceded defeat and allowed her entry into the group.

Addendum 105-06: SCP-105 has been released from SCP care. See Interview 105-F.

Addendum 105-07: "Who the hell authorized the release of SCP-105? If this damn interview log is as transparent a lie as it appears to be, I'm going to have someone's head. Goddamn it, people, we are talking about the future of the species here. The last thing I need is some bleeding-heart researcher throwing away an important asset because he felt sorry for the "poor little SCP girl." Get a grip, people. Learn to suck it up and take it on the chin once in a while." -O5-██

Addendum 105-08: "SCP-105 has been recaptured in the San Francisco airport on 10/05/2008. On orders from O5-██, SCP-105 was forced to perform her ability under threat of death by SCP-173. She was indeed still able to perform her ability, and has been placed back in SCP care at Site-17. Dr. Dantensen is forbidden to contact SCP-105 in any way, and all psychological evaluations are to be performed by O5-█, O5-██, and O5-██. She is to be placed under Code Orange Escape Detainment. All D class personnel should be advised, she has proven herself to be quite clever." -O5-██

Addendum 105-09: "After a reeducation course SCP-105 is (seemingly) fully committed to the SCP Foundation, and Mobile Task Force Omega-7 as of 10/16/2008. However, subject must be kept under close watch from now on." -O5-██

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