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Item #: SCP-1056

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1056 must be contained or terminated immediately. Any attempts to terminate or contain SCP-1056 have failed. Personnel must never, under any circumstances, say, type, or write SCP-1056's name, as this causes SCP-1056 to appear. Personnel are advised not to even think about SCP-1056. Under no circumstances are personnel to make others say SCP-1056's name as a joke, as this will result in the personnel to be downgraded to Class D.

Description: SCP-1056 is a ghostly figure carrying a candle. SCP-1056 is always smiling, and it's facial features are solid black. Whenever SCP-1056's name is typed, written, or said aloud, SCP-1056 will appear within the room. SCP-1056 is intangible, moving through iron barriers as if they were smoke and any bullets or objects will pass through it. SCP-1056 will tie up it's victims with simple rope, and will overcome anyone, including one Class D subject that was considered the strongest man in [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1056 will then dissapear with it's victims.

SCP-1056 was first discovered when [EXPUNGED] was visiting the website █████.org and said SCP-1056's name aloud. Personnel cannot be tracked to where SCP-1056 takes them, as all electronic devices are disabled.

Addendum: Note from Dr. Grimes to Personnel

"Under no circumstances are you to say [SCP-1056's NAME REDACTED]. I can't rec

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