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Item #: SCP-106

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-106 is stationary, and presents no immediate threat. Therefore, the only objective of containment is to ensure that remains undiscovered by civilians. The anomaly should be enclosed within a nondescript building of any kind. Two level 1 guards should be stationed outside all building entrances, and three level 2 guards should be present inside the structure, observing SCP-106. Should the anomaly exhibit any unusual behavior, superiors are to be notified immediately.

SCP-106 is currently enclosed within a small, unmarked warehouse. Civilians and unauthorized personnel are not to be allowed within the warehouse. Should unauthorized persons ignore warnings and attempt to enter, they are to be killed and disposed of within the anomaly.

Due to its nature, only D-class personnel will be allowed to enter SCP-106.

Description: SCP-106 assumes the shape of a cylinder, comprised of swirling fog. Dimensions are approximately 1.5 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height. Aforementioned cylinder appears to be sitting on the ground beneath. Attempts to dig out the ground from beneath the anomaly resulted in more dirt falling from the bottom of the cylinder, filling any gap made. SCP-106 is located in [DATA EXPUNGED], Japan, on a barren field. It does not seem possible to move the anomaly, due to its impalpable composition. Therefore, it has been enclosed in a guarded warehouse, as mentioned above.

SCP-106 seems to be an extra-dimensional entrance to an infinite landscape filled with endless fog. Persons and items entering the anomaly are trapped permanently within its dimension, unless they remain connected to the outside by some means. For further information pertaining to the nature of SCP-106, level 2 personnel should see Experiment Log 106.

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