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Item #: SCP-106

Class: Neutralized. Previously Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-106 is to be kept in an underground cell constructed out of solid lead and granite bedrock. The cell must be at least thirty feet below the observation deck to prevent [DATA EXPUNGED]. The observation deck is to be constructed out of a thick, transparent plastic suitable to walk on. Steel doors locked by three alphanumerical combinations (changed weekly) are to block off the ladder descending to the cell below; a similar door should be implemented at the entrance to the cell at ground level. In the event of a breach in security, hardening foam will be injected into the cell immediately to prevent contact with the subject.


SCP-106 takes the form of a human female, approximately five feet, eight inches in height. Her clothing consists of a small denim skirt, as well as what appears to be a sports bra with a mysterious logo emblazoned over it. The object's face is locked in a perpetual smile; those who see this smile are either disgusted by or attracted to it. She exhibits basic human necessities such as sleeping and blinking, but does not seem to eat or breathe. Additionally, she doesn't seem to be able to look directly up; whether this is a physical or mental incapability or merely an aversion to looking in that direction is unknown.

If any human individual comes within her sight, she will attempt to make contact with them by any means possible. She is not capable of superhuman feats (as far as researchers can tell), but seems to exhibit an attracting psychological effect on any who catch a glimpse of her face, making them want to draw near her. When she makes contact with a human, she will immediately begin invading their abdominal area with her index finger through the navel. Upon making contact with some organ within the body of her victim (what organ she reaches for is unknown), SCP-106 will immediately explode with the force of a 20 kt nuclear bomb. Approximately 20 days after exploding, she will reconstitute herself and attempt to explode again. She appears to be impervious to any sort of external assault, though [EXPUNGED - REFER TO DOCUMENT #106-B]

Addendum: All individuals assigned to SCP-106 below Level 4 clearance are ordered to read Document #106-A.

Those with Level 4 Security Clearance are strongly advised to read Document #106-B.

Document #106-A:

Under no circumstances are personnel to remain on shift for more than eight hours. Under no circumstances are permanent staff allowed to enter the vault leading to SCP-106's cell entrance. Any personnel violating these rules will be immediately terminated.

Document #106-B:

SCP-106 was successfully destroyed by subjecting it to the simultaneous presence of SCP-048-D and SCP-053. SCP-106 attempted to unite with the latter object, but was promptly incapacitated by its effects. SCP-048-D then violently mauled its physical form, rendering it completely incapacitated. After forcing SCP-048-D to vomit the remains it had ingested and removing the two dangerous SCP objects from the site, the remains of SCP-106 were collected and promptly incinerated. A proposal was made to bomb the facility which had incinerated the remains, but the staff of Research Sector-15 deemed the previous procedures adequate.

Level 4 personnel are required to act as if SCP-106 is still an active SCP Object. The staff in charge of maintaining SCP-106's environment seem to have grown an attachment to her (though this is clearly not an effect of the SCP itself, for obvious reasons). Adding new low-class personnel to the containment area is inadvisable.

Added by O5-█: Replacing SCP-106 with an actual woman was a bad idea, in retrospect. We've decided to simply put a shutter over the observation deck and leave the cell empty. Someone needs to explain it to the staff before they go crazy.

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