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Item #: SCP-107

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object currently housed at Site 19 in standard concrete containment room measuring 3m (10 feet) by 3m (10 feet) by 2.4m (8 feet). Room is to be kept well-illuminated at all times unless experiment is in process and approval from project leader has been authorized. No personnel are permitted to enter the room unless pre-approved.

Description: SCP-107 is a cylindrical waste-paper basket measuring 38.1 cm (15”) in height with a 25.4 cm (10”) diameter at it's rim. Object is constructed of sheet-steel. Composition is ordinary, with no outstanding deviation in mass or pliability. Scratch testing confirms hardness of 4.1 on the Mohs scale: within the expected parameters for low-grade steel. Its outer surface is emblazoned with Green Bay Packers logo on one side and an illustration of a helmet bearing a similar logo on the other.

When not observed, SCP-107 is able to dispose of any and all refuse contained within a room. Once removed, no physical evidence of disposed objects remains. While early tests were limited to volume of object, further experiments have found object's ability to extend to any refuse contained within the boundaries of a room. Experiments are ongoing, but results continue to point to limitless potential for disposal.

SCP-107 will only dispose of refuse when not under observation. “Observation” in this sense is not limited to line-of-sight, as alert human presence will keep it from functioning. SCP-107 appears to also be aware of visual recording devices, including infrared-assisted night vision and thermal imaging. This suggests certain level of sentience.

Addendum 107-1: Room containing SCP-107 is to be kept locked when not undergoing study.

Addendum 107-2: Room containing SCP-107 is to be kept locked at all times to prevent misuse by request of Dr. ████. Those not possessing level 3 clearance must have prior approval from Drs. ████ and ███████ before entering room.

Addendum 107-3: "Anyone found using SCP-107 for disposal of personal waste will find themselves on keter duty. This is a euclid-class SCP; not a handy way to get rid of your used motor-oil and old magazines." — Dr. Klein

Additional Information: Due to the range and variation of tests conducted on SCP-107, it is necessary to compile a list of abridged experimentation reports including significant findings. A full experiment log is available at [DATA EXPUNGED].

  • TEST 1: Standard recording procedure in effect. SCP-107 filled with .25 cubic meter of standard refuse: mixture inorganic solids. Lights doused for five (5) seconds. Lights activated. Object and contents unchanged.
  • TEST 1.1: Recording devices turned off. Object filled with .25 cubic meter of standard refuse: mixture inorganic solids. Lights doused for five (5) seconds. Can observed empty when lights turned back on.
  • TEST 3: 5.5 cubic meters standard refuse placed around object. Lights doused for five (5) seconds. Lights activated. Room empty.
  • TEST 5: Room filled with compressed standard refuse: nearly 18 cubic meters. Lights doused for five (5) seconds. Lights activated. Room empty.
  • TEST 7: Room left empty. Lights doused for five (5) seconds. Lights activated. Measurements indicate particulate matter in room much lower than site average. Analysis of atmosphere after event reveals near perfect average of compositional gases: nitrogen 78.08%, oxygen 20.94%, argon 0.934%, carbon dioxide 0.033%. Further analysis reveals nearly double normal helium content at 9.8 parts per million.
  • TEST 14: 4 grams plutonium introduced to room and left for period of 24 hours. Measurements taken before extinguishing lights report highly toxic radiation levels. After lights doused and reactivated, no trace of material or airborne radiation remains.
  • TEST 19: Bed installed in room. Class D subject introduced to room, lights doused. Subject allowed to sleep in room for 7.4 hours until fulfilling natural sleep cycle. Bed still present when lights activated. Subject reports no ill effects upon waking. Note: subject later reports no bowel movements for nearly 36 hours.

Addendum 107-4: After approval from Dr. ████████, experiments with subjects infected with SCP-253 commenced on █/█/███. Following discussion with Dr. ████, Mycologist on duty, subjects infected with SCP-129 and SCP-321 were admitted into experimental rotation on █/█/███. All tests followed standard procedure, but offered no removal of parasitic/fungal growth from host body. Current theory postulated by Dr. ██████ is that living, organic tissue is not deemed refuse by SCP-107. How SCP-107 makes determination is still unknown.

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