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Item #: SCP-107

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-107 is to be kept in a locked room in a cryogenic storage device. No personnel of any rank or clearance level are permitted into the storage room without express orders from Dr. ███████. Any personnel attempting to enter into the chamber, or exhibiting signs of infection by SCP-107, are to be terminated, regardless of rank or clearance. In the event of breach, infected host is to be terminated by personnel who are either blind, or wearing blacked visors that prevent all sight. Under no circumstances is the body of the host to be destroyed, beyond minimal termination. No personnel exposed to SCP-107 may be exposed to memetic or thought-based SCPs. No personnel exposed to thought-based or memetic SCPs may be exposed to SCP-107.

Description: SCP-107 is a seemingly telepathic "sound" that has proven incapable of being recorded by current technology. Once a person begins hearing the "music", they attempt to apprise others of it, but none other than the current host "hears" it. Eventually the mental "noise" becomes so intense that the host is incapable of hearing actual sounds, and eventually becomes comatose, presumably from being incapable of thought. Upon termination of the host, SCP-107 migrates, through unknown means, to the first person to see the corpse. After incidents 107-A and 107-B, it was determined that the "jingle" will continue to migrate to the last person to see the last host, regardless of how long ago the viewing was, or through what medium. (See attached documents for full details)

Document 107-A: Host terminated by blind personnel, body incinerated. Shortly thereafter, Personnel D-1█████ became infected and was terminated. Body preserved for further study.

Document 107-B: Records show that current host (Personnel D-1█████) was the last person to see former host before termination. Current host body was immolated, after the last person to see them (Personnel D-6█████) was terminated. SCP-107 migrated to the last person to see Personnel D-6█████. SCP-107 was moved to cryo-storage. It is recommended that the host body of SCP-107 not be destroyed in the event of future outbreaks, as the chain of transference may escape containment.

Document 107/500-A: Attempt was made to test SCP-500's effectiveness on SCP-107. Personnel D-4█████ was exposed to SCP-107, then to SCP-500 (after reaching comatose state, to test full effectiveness). Subject immediately stopped "hearing" SCP-107. Subject was re-exposed to former host body of SCP-107. No results. SCP-107 reclassified as Neutralized.

Document 107/041-A: Personnel D-4█████, who had been previously exposed to SCP-107, was exposed to SCP-041, despite the fact that SCP-107's containment procedures strictly prohibit such contact. Within ██ minutes SCP-041 began broadcasting SCP-107 at high mental "volume." 17 personnel, including the doctors assigned to study SCP-041, became infected. SCP-041 was administered SCP-500. The other 17 personnel, now classified as SCP-107-(1-17), are currently stored in cryo-stasis in SCP-107's chamber.


Incident 107/041-A should act as a reminder that the guidelines against cross-contamination of memetic/thought-based SCPs and the personnel exposed to them are to be strictly adhered to. Another such incident could very well escape containment, since SCP-107 doesn't impair motor function until its later stage. It is my recommendation that Class D personnel exposed to memetic/thought-based SCPs be made identifiable through some form of outward marking or apparatus, to prevent any further incidents.

-Dr. ███████

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