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Item #: SCP-107

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-107 must remain in a very cold environment for his own health, optimally -196 degrees Centigrade (-321 Fahrenheit), or just above the boiling point of nitrogen. Exposure to temperatures higher than -190 degrees will cause tissue damage due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The refrigeration units required to maintain these temperatures must be monitored around the clock to prevent breakdown, and they must be connected to a backup generator in case of blackout. He has stated that he does not require food any more, and doubts his abilities of digestion if he were to eat something.

Researchers must wear appropriate extreme temperature gear when interacting with SCP-107, and must be careful not to touch him directly, for his own safety. Tissue samples collected from the subject must be kept frozen, or else they will degrade rapidly.

SCP-107 has asked for the following items for his quarters:

  • His library of texts on the study of cryonics (granted)
  • A small laboratory in which to continue his research (pending)
  • A personal computer with specific system requirements (granted)
  • A "small selection" of 86 pornographic movies, listed (denied)
  • An inflatable doll (denied; furthermore, this request was denied for practical and professional reasons, not because researchers fear "he might snap his willie off")

Description: SCP-107 appears to be a man in his thirties, but with white hair and an extremely pale complection. He is missing a patch of flesh from his right cheek (his teeth are visible through the resultant hole) and the pinky and ring finger from his right hand, due to the cooling problems that spurred his call to the SCP Foundation. Examinations revealed that he has a carcinoma in his left lung, which has spread to the corresponding lymph node.

His blood has been replaced by a mixture of dimethyl sulfoxide and [DATA EXPUNGED], which seems to prevent his tissues from freezing solid, and his vital signs have been reduced to such a point as to be nearly undetectible. Despite this, he Has remained awake and conscious during the majority of his stay with the Foundation. He claims to feel no pain from the hole in his cheek or his missing fingers, and expressed surprise when informed of these injuries.

SCP-107 states that he willingly placed himself in his current state after his diagnosis of terminal lung cancer, using the knowledge of cryonics he had gained during his research at █████ ██████ Laboratory. Deciding that if he could slow the spread of his cancer sufficiently, he would buy himself enough time to find an effective cure, he [DATA EXPUNGED], leaving himself conscious and able to aid in his own preservation.

Unfortunately, after [DATA EXPUNGED], he found the process to be irreversible, leaving him dependent on the cooling methods of the laboratory. When the cryonics department's funding was cut by the state, he called the SCP Foundation in a panic, using a business card given him by one of his more open-minded colleagues. By the time SCP agents arrived, [DATA EXPUNGED].

In all public records, SCP-107 has been declared dead via laboratory misadventure. He admits that he is probably already clinically dead, but he refuses to give up without finding a cure for his condition - both the freezing and the cancer.

Note: Please stop calling him "The popsicle". He refers to be addressed by his SCP designation or his legal name, John ██████.

Addendum: Due to the nature of SCP-107's previous line of study, it has come to the attention of SCP researchers that if his condition can be successfully (and non-fatally) reversed, new frontiers in cryonics may be explored. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to work closely with SCP-107 as he works to find a solution. Female researchers, however, should be aware that 107 seems to be a dirty old man, and should take measures to protect themselves accordingly.

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