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Item #:SCP-108

Object Class:Decommissioned

Standard Containment Procedure: SCP-108 is to be kept in its 12x12m room at all times, except for allotted recreation time and testing sessions conducted on a bi-weekly basis. It is to be fed three times daily at scheduled meal times and given any furnishings for its room that it specifically requests. SCP-108 is not to be given access to communications devices, with the exception of its weekly monitored phone call to its biological mother every Friday at 1900 hours.

One Class-D personnel is permitted to visit SCP-108 for its monthly game of chess. Interruption of this activity is strictly prohibited (by request of [DATA EXPUNGED]).

SCP-108 is not allowed to possess or come into contact with any form of weaponry, or objects that could be used as such, including but not limited to butter knives, steak knives, Exact-O knives, scissors, etc.

Description: SCP-108 is a human male, age 30 years with blonde hair and grey eyes. It stands at approximately 173 centimeters tall. SCP-108 prefers minimalistic clothing, preferably clothing that maximizes its range of motion on the grounds that, "If I cannot fight in it, there is no reason to wear it".

SCP-108 is physically and mentally healthy, possessing a cheery disposition and a taste for classical music and chess, which it requests to play at least once a month with "A capable mind." Class-D personnel are permitted to fill this request upon submission of [DATA EXPUNGED] to [NAMES REDACTED].

SCP-108 exhibits significant martial prowess while in physical contact with any type of weapon, melee or otherwise. Field tests have proven it to have a target-hit accuracy of 98% with several types of assault rifles, as well as personal firearms, composite bows (varying in weight from 9-54 kiloggrams), and crossbows. SCP-108 also displays proficiency in using a variety of close combat weapons such as knives (100% throwing accuracy in over 70 tests), swords and even axes. SCP-108 claims to have never come into physical contact with any sort of item directly designed for combat previous to its containment in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing with demolitions and highly-explosive materials is pending approval.

While unarmed, no physical aptitude beyond the average motor skills of an adult human male is present, however while in physical contact with any form of tool designed for combat, its reaction time increases by a factor of 200%, giving it an almost pre-cognitive danger sense and superhuman speed. Breathing and heart rate are also slowed and regulated during this time, even under extreme duress.

As well as being skilled with any and all weaponry yet tested, SCP-108 exhibits proficiency in tactical and spacial reasoning, claiming never to have been beaten in a game of chess or checkers, except once during his first game of chess at the age of 9 years old. Field tests using live ammunition have proved that SCP-108 possesses an uncanny ability to think calmly and rationally under life-threatening situations. SCP-108 has taken several IQ tests, all tests results came back showing an IQ of greater than 180.

SCP-108 has expressed the desire for female companionship. This request is still pending for approval. (See Addendum 110-A for further details)

SCP-108 is currently pending an upgrade to Euclid class due to its capability with any and all types of weaponry. Should it desire to escape, it is likely that attempts to contain it against its will would be difficult, if not catastrophic.

Addendum: It has been determined that this SCP's detriments outweigh its benefits. Termination approved. -O5-6

On ██/██/████ SCP-108 was given SCP-572, and told it was a reward for his good behavior. 108 gushed over the balance and craftsmanship of the blade, declaring it to be the only weapon for him. A Foundation scientist then demanded it be returned.

SCP-108 protested the demand and self-terminated during an attempt to escape, after trying a reverse triple flip off the walls and out the window, somehow managing to remove his own head with 572. Subject was recategorized as neutralized.

Job Completed -Dr. Bright

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