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Theorised Basic Internal Structure, Unverifiable due to Nature of the Object

Item #: SCP-1089

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Object to be Stored in a 13 by 13 by 13 meter steel Tank at all times, with its position to be changed at least twice every week. Tank to have one Entrance Only, large enough for only one person to enter at a time. No more than one person may be in the tank at once, and they must conform to the guidelines for persons interacting with the object. Those who attempt to enter the tank that do not conform to these specifications, or while another is currently inside, are to be shot on sight.
Object is only to be approached by Non-conscious individuals, at most under hypnotic suggestion. All such persons must be constantly monitored for any resurgence of consciousness. If such an event should happen, the individual in question should be removed before they can regain consciousness, or otherwise disposed of if removal is not viable. Under NO circumstances must any person or creature, of any kind, be allowed within the storage area while still capable of autonomous thought. Individuals with an IQ over 100, or who are known for great leaps of imagination or thought, must not be allowed within 500 meters of the storage Tank. Hypnotized subjects must be fully deprogrammed afterwards, and all memory of events to be removed.
If there are no persons available to be used under hypnosis, or if such measures are non-viable at any time, children under the age of 12 may be used, preferably female. If this measure is taken, all others must be at least 250 meters from the Tank at all times, and are to communicate instructions to the children by signs written in the plainest possible terms. These signs may only be present for up to 7 seconds after written, and must be destroyed immediately. It is recommended that any Children used for this purpose be Orphans, since there is little likelihood of their return.

Description: SCP-1089 is a blank metallic Cube believed to be exactly 1.3 meters in all dimensions. More Accurate measurements are considered unsafe. It is constructed of a Light Grey, non-reflective, metal, and apparently weighs about the same as a Hollow Plastic cube of the same size. There is a single, square, hole that goes directly through the center of the cube, but the position of this hole is relative to the orientation of the observer. Tests indicate that it is the same hole each time, but that it does not in any way Move across the surface of the cube. Object appears to be entirely indestructible, but otherwise interacts normally with Local physics.
In function, the Cube appears to Reify nearby Ideas. Any Thoughts within 13 meters of the cube are manifested into reality apparently without any physical transfer or mechanical operation of any kind. As an example, if a person were to think "Table" nearby, a Table would be produced at a random location within the objects sphere of influence. The Type and Nature of the Object produced appears to correspond to what the thinker sees as the most Stereotypical example of such an item.
The Cube also reacts to non-mental ideas, such as those written on paper, communicated though words or using sign language. As yet, no limits to this ability have been found, but due to the nature of such experiments very few have been carried out. It does not appear to be limited by Language, although in the case of communicated ideas, the Clarity of communication appears to have some bearing. Tests have shown that it does not react to thoughts implanted within ones head by another, or to those of the subconscious mind.
The Dangers posed by this device are numerous, but most arise from the inability of persons to control their thoughts. While early experiments were able to produce reasonably controlled results, accidentally "Slip of the Mind" incidents have resulted in serious property damage and several fatalities. One of the foremost dangers is persons who are highly imaginative, since they are more likely to produce the kind of Vivid Thoughts that the cube reacts most strongly too. Further danger is presented by abstract concepts such as "Life" or "Destruction". While no serious events of this nature have occurred, there have seen several minor ones that have resulted in other problems.
If conscious individuals must interact with the object, a certain innocence of mind is preferred to lessen the chance of a catastrophic event.

Addendum: Device recovered in █████ from ██Meters below the █████ ███████. Exact Date of recovery unknown. Original Archeological team has been detained at ██████, although at least █ are as yet unaccounted for.

[Experimental Logs before VI Expunged]
Experimental Log VI: "Attempted to Introduce Stimuli under control conditions. Via use of Hypnosis, allowed a subject to deposit a piece of paper reading "████" on the object. Resulting product has since been released, to be further referred to as ████ ██████ ████████. Added Advisory 'No Further Experimentation with non-Physical Concepts'"

Experimental Log IX: "Attempted Internal Examination of Device. Initially attempted to use Hypnotized Subjects to take Pictures from within Central hole. Upon attempting to take a picture, subject was violently subjected to ████████████, and has yet to return. Attempted to repeat the initial experiment, but each successive repeat only increased the degree of ████ experienced by the subject. After deliberation, attempted with Child, evacuating facility as a precaution. After approximately 10 minutes, subject returned with several Pink ████████, and gave the Following Testimony '[DATA EXPUNGED]'. Based on this, all further Experimentation was halted and Device was removed to Storage Container until further notice, under the advice of ██ █████"

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