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Long-distance photography of initial instance of SCP-111. Specific form (possibly a variation on ████████████) [DATA EXPUNGED] has not been noticed to occur on other occasions.

Item #: SCP-111

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-111 is to be kept near its original location in eastern China, where Facility 12-B has been created covering a 500-metre radius around SCP-111. Facility 12-B is kept under lockdown protocol Gamma-214 (detain and terminate). At least 3 Level-B security teams must be at the site at all times, with 2 teams ready to deploy instantaneously. The containment zone is divided into 4 areas, color coded Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.

  • Blue zone exists between 400 metres and 300 metres from the center point of the object. Only Level 4 and Class D personnel are allowed in this area.
  • Green zone exists between 300 and 250 metres. Only Class D personnel are allowed in this area.
  • Yellow zone exists between 250 metres and 50 metres and is the start of the total quarantine zone. If any people or objects exit the Yellow zone they are to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • Red zone containment area exists from 50 metres out from the object to the object's theorized center. If people or objects move from the Red zone out, containment code Delta-213 is to be enacted and experimentation to resume once background radiation returns to safe level.

Description: The physical appearance of SCP-111 remains in a constant state of flux and has been observed as, amoung other shapes, a chair, a four-dimensional cube (also known as a tesseract), three men standing, a single Litocranius walleri, and a ████████████. SCP-111 has an area effect on the quantum state of the surrounding area up to around 400 metres. Inside this area, matter has an exponentially rising chance of changing state to another possible quantum state.

In the Blue zone, temperatures mildly fluctuate, while in the Green zone, physical appearances and basic traits of objects change somewhat. In the Yellow zone, people's past histories and memories change wildly, as well as basic [DATA EXPUNGED] density and mass.

In the Red zone, matter has been observed to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Due to past issues with removal of Red zone material (see file number 191-█████-███), the Yellow and Red zones are to be viewed strictly through telemetry only.

NOTE x-1:

If object ████████████ is sighted, all data of sighting is to be destroyed and all personnel involved terminated.

NOTE x-2:

SCP-111 briefly disappeared on █████ ██th, ████. Remote team 12-EY was sent into the temporarily stable Red zone. Three of the surviving members brought back several samples (now referred to as SCP-███ and SCP-███) before SCP-111 reappeared. Recordings of the Red zone recovered at the time are now locked down as viewing causes strokes, insanity and/or loss of religious faith.

NOTE 111b:

A recently released paper on quantum computation from a graduate student at the University of Chicago (see Document 111b-1) is of note in relation to this object. The paper revealed primary ideas that may lead to an effective practical method (utilizing quantum computation) to induce quantum state changes in macroscale systems.

Further research in this area must be watched carefully to uncover any connections to either SCP-111 or SCP-062.

Substantial risk of cascading causality violations is possible. See ongoing research of SCP-111, and in case of failure of surrounding Descartes-based [DATA EXPUNGED] event, [DATA EXPUNGED] on the current development of Contingency Plan X-12-e ("Divide by Zero").

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