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Item #: SCP-113

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Since the item has no major disruptive properties, it is kept in Locker #17 on site 23, with no other security. However, it has been noticed that the item has a tendency to be misappropriated by Agent ██████, for his/her own personal use. It has been decided that as long as he/she continues to return it, this may be allowed to continue, as he/she is testing the consequences of repeated use.

Description: This item resembles a small piece of red jasper, but when analyzed under EDX, Mass Spec. and other fingerprinting analysis, is found to consist of none of the usual constituents. Instead, its composition is similar to that of SCP-338.

When touched by the flesh of an organism possessing sex chromosomes, the object changes both the genetic and the physical sex of the entire organism. This happens in 3 stages. In the first stage, lasting approximately 0.2 seconds, the object forms a bond with the cells that it touches. In that stage, the material touching the organism undergoes a chemical change. In the second stage, lasting approximately 2 seconds, the item emits a low-energy wave that travels through the body at approximately the speed of light. The wave has a different amplitude depending on the initial sex of the organism, leading researchers to believe that the object analyzes the organism in the first stage. This causes a complex protein interaction that changes the chromosomes of the organism to those of the opposite sex. The reaction is too complex to describe in detail in this manual. In the third and final stage, which lasts around 20 seconds, the item emits another wave that causes cells in the body and the peripheral nervous system (but not the brain) to change to a strange type of cells somewhat similar to stem cells. The cells change back, but the body of the organism is changed to that of the opposite sex in the process. The artifact also takes around 1 minute to recharge, although this period of time is shorter if the artifact is in direct sunlight. This change is semi-permanent, in that it can only be reversed by a second contact with the item. When the object is placed into direct contact with asexual organisms, it begins the process, but stops at the first stage. The same is true of inorganic material. Thus, the item is easily handled.

Document #113-1: "It has come to my attention that there is a demand for temporary exposure to the effects of SCP-113. For those wishing to use SCP-113 recreationally please contact me so the duration and original gender of any applicants will be recorded. Failure to report back for gender reversion will result in a fine." — Dr. Gerber

Document #113-2: "Yes, it is quite hilarious exposing new class D personnel to SCP-113. Yes, anyone who does this again will be happily watching over Keter-class objects for the remainder of his or her brief stay with us." — Dr. Klein

Incident Report #113-3:

On July ██, 20██ O5-7 was charged with Conspiracy to Violate Internal Secrecy Act. The trial is scheduled for August ██. If convicted, O5-7 faces removal from the Overwatch council, and possible termination. This note was presented as evidence.

Note: ████, we could make a lot of money on this in the gender-reassignment business. I know you've got some contacts in that area, so let me know if you think it's possible.

Note: Dr. ██████ has proposed this item in the use of gaining more watchers on SCP-234, testing will commence soon.

Experiment Report #113-4: Testing with subjects sex-changed by SCP-7671 shows that SCP-113 cannot reverse the sex shift. So far this is the only known case wherein SCP-113 cannot induce a sex change. Accordingly, any woman who touches SCP-113 and does not become male should be assumed to have been transformed by SCP-767.

Incident Report #113-5: On October ██, 2███, a minor handling mishap occurred. Agent Andrea █████████ accidentally contacted SCP-113 after inadvertently colliding with another agent who was returning it to its locker. Ordinarily this would be of relatively little consequence, but at the time, Andrea was 25 weeks pregnant. A thorough physical examination revealed no apparent ill effects on her new male form, and the decision was made to re-expose her. She transformed back, but in the two hours that elapsed since her transformation, her pregnancy somehow progressed to approximately 41 weeks gestation. She went into labor promptly and delivered a 4.5 kg girl 8 hours later without incident. Both mother and child appear well and normal. Nevertheless, it is recommended that SCP-113 be kept well away from pregnant women until exactly what transpired here is better understood.

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