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Item #: SCP-114

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-114 is to be kept in a 5 m x 5 m containment cell constructed of reinforced concrete, with one wall of ultra-resilient plexiglass allowed for observation and experimentation, located in Area-███. Under no circumstances should more than three personnel be within 100 m of SCP-114. Should more than three personnel come within range of the subject, all personnel within the containment zone are to be terminated via nerve gas. Failure to do so will result in termination from external sources by any means available.

Area ███ is located in an underground site located in the ██████ Desert of █████ at approximately ███°S, ███°E . Various fail-safe mechanisms are in place in the event that the effects of SCP-114 become viral. On-site researchers, security, and staff are to be psychologically evaluated on a monthly basis, and all personnel are to be cycled out on a six-month basis. Loss of contact with Area-███ will result in destruction of site.

Description: SCP-114 is a young woman of Middle Eastern descent, dressed in clothing styles popular in Afghanistan around 900 AD. Exact details concerning the subject's height and weight are essentially impossible to obtain, as direct contact with the subject results in the effects documented in Addendum 1c.

Addendum 1a: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #898-12

Document 898-12: Capture of SCP-114

Verbal report from Agent ████████ ██████████ (Transcribed by █████████ ██████)
Date: ██/██/██

We finally tracked down the source of the anomalous behavior when our attention was brought to a vanished supply convoy traveling through the area. After discovering the route of said convoy, we tracked it down to an abandoned village about thirty miles to the west of ████████. Luckily, it was just me and Agent ████████, so 114 couldn't get to us, and we found various human remains scattered throughout the settlement. We discovered the subject in the upper level of the local infirmary, and immediately began to feel some of the effects of its presence. We retreated, called for backup and went back to the room to attempt to capture it.

We were able to incapacitate subject 114 by sedating it with low-level animal tranquilizers, and by the time the rest of the crew got there we were able to bring it to Site-███ with relatively little effort. I don't know how we didn't get killed with that many other people around, but I guess it could've been the sedatives. You science people should look into that.

Addendum 1b: Note from Dr. Zhang:
The effects described by Agent ████████ ██████████ could not be reproduced in laboratory conditions. Immunity may be an issue here, and until further notice do not attempt to use sedatives to control SCP-114. Thank you.

Addendum 1c: Documented Effects of SCP-114

Testing Procedures:


Effects of exposure to SCP-114 on Class D personnel:

  • TEST 1: One (1) Class D Personnel: Subject reported feeling suicidal and malcontent. Effects faded after approximately one month.
  • TEST 2: Two (2) Class D Personnel: Subjects reported feeling fearful and expressed desire to flee and hide. When separated, subjects expressed the same symptoms as if they had encountered the SCP alone.
  • TEST 3: Three (3) Class D Personnel: Subjects reported feeling paranoid and agitated. When separated, subjects expressed the same symptoms as if they had encountered the SCP alone.
  • TEST 4: Four (4) Class D Personnel: Subjects immediately turned upon the smallest personnel and dismembered the subject with their bare hands, before turning on each other. The last subject died of massive organ failure after attempting to harm SCP-114.
  • TEST 5: Five (5) Class D Personnel: Subjects experienced the same behavior as those in the previous test, with more violence. Researchers and staff in the area experienced feelings of antipathy as well.
  • TEST 6: Testing terminated by Dr. Li.

Addendum 2: Thoughts from Overseer █████████

Notice to Level 4 personnel on Site-███: Until further notice, Site-███ is to be a containment facility only. Testing involving Class D personnel is to be discontinued immediately. The risk of having a breakout like the one documented in File ███-███-█ is too great to merit further experimentation on what is clearly a deadly thing. I am ordering the containment zone for SCP-114 to be sealed immediately, and all personnel on site to be for security purposes only. If warmongering fucks like General ████████ were to get their hands on this, it could result in the extinction of mankind.

Addendum 3: Note from Dr. ██████████

Attempts to destroy SCP-114 have proved useless. It seems impervious to all forms of destruction, from exposure to high levels of radiation to asphyxiation, we are completely unable to harm 114. It may be possible to use a submarine site to keep it away from people, but getting it there could still be a problem.

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