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Item #: SCP-115

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-115 is to remain in its locker on Site 11, and requires no special security. The locker is to have a combination padlock and only to be accessed by those personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher. Recreational use, including use for gambling and competition of any sort, is strictly forbidden. Any personnel not in compliance with these instructions are to be reprimanded accordingly.

Description: SCP-115 is a pair of black, US standard size 11, hi-top Converse All-Star basketball shoes that appear ragged and worn from use. Upon wearing SCP-115, the user finds that the shoes fit quite comfortably regardless of their own shoe size. Also, SCP-115 imparts an incredible increase in the wearer's ability to jump great distances (by an average of 350%) and run at inhuman speeds (approximately 300 kph, depending on the fitness of the wearer).

Testing has shown that the material the object is constructed of is resistant to extreme heat, pressure, and cold, and has proven impenetrable to any tools thus far possessed by research staff. Proposals regarding the use of other SCP objects for this purpose are currently pending approval.

Dr. ██████████ █████ suggests that, if SCP-115's unusual properties are indeed a result of its physical makeup, successful analysis of the shoes' materials and constitution could result in the ability to synthesize similar materials, with obvious military applications.

Origin: SCP-115 was found in an unmarked black gym bag in a hotel room in [DATA EXPUNGED].

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