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Item #: SCP-118

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-118 is to be kept in a 0.9m*0.9m*0.9m (3ft*3ft*3ft) translucent glass box at all times unless being studied. No personnel below Level 3 are to be allowed in SCP-118's chamber. Personnel are not to look at SCP-118 directly for long periods of time. Any testing on SCP-118 is to be done in the presence of a personnel of at least Level 3. Any personnel or subjects are to submit to a psychological exam before and after entering SCP-118's chamber.

Description: SCP-118 was discovered in a run-down house located approximately ██ miles outside of Seattle, Washington. All of the residents in the house had been brutally murdered ██ days before SCP-118 was discovered by a police officer. SCP-118 appears to be a 25.4cm (10in) tall clear drinking glass filled halfway with water. The glass, however, is actually indestructible. No matter how many times the water in SCP-118 is drunk, it always remains at a constant volume of ██ fluid ounces. The water is not extraordinary, and has been determined to be regular tap water, except that it will never freeze, boil, or evaporate. The water in SCP-118 also can never be combined or mixed with any thing else, so it will always stay liquid tap water. This water has no ill effects, although it has been noted to sometimes taste very [DATA EXPUNGED]. The water will only leave from SCP-118 if drunk by a human being.

When SCP-118 is viewed by a human, he/she views it as either "half empty" or "half full". Those who view SCP-118 as "half empty" experience an array of negative side-effects, including paranoia, doubt, low self awareness, [DATA EXPUNGED], and pessimism. These accumulate the longer SCP-118 is viewed, and ultimately result in psychological/neurological therapy, suicide, and in one incident, attacking nearby personnel (see Addendum 118-A).

Those who see SCP-118 as being "half full" report feeling "optimistic, calm, and lucky". These subjects usually have a short period of euphoria, and an overall sense of peace and understanding. Often, these subjects have a 24-hour period in which they are "lucky", similar to an experience with SCP-463. Troubled but optimistic personnel who would see SCP-118 as "half full" should be assigned a period of no longer than an hour with SCP-118 accompanied by a Level 3 operative as an attempt at therapy for the troubled personnel.

Addendum 118-A: In one incident, a Class D subject was exposed to SCP-118 for 4 hours. Subject continually commented that "Y'all are gonna get it. ████████ gonna escape." When a Level 2 personnel asked the subject "What the hell are you talking about?", subject stood up, grabbed his chair, and assaulted 4 personnel, before an SCP Team arrived and terminated subject. SCP-██ and SCP-██'s containment cells checked, and new personnel assigned to their containment.

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