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Item #: SCP-121

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-121 should always be kept within a lead-treated multi-polymer vial, which should itself be placed inside an industrial-size autoclave. Great care should be taken to ensure the autoclave's integrity, using multiple redundant power sources (see USPGC, lower level).

Personnel requesting a sample from SCP-121 should first be extensively vetted. If they pass muster, preparing a sample will require delaying the autoclave by two seconds, removing less than a milliliter of the liquid, and then running a second autoclave for two days to ensure the sample's integrity.

All personnel should observe full NBC precautions and report any and all "sudden revelations". Should a subject demonstrate sudden acumen regarding finance (and, in particular, predictions towards commodities and stocks) he or she should immediately be detained.

Description: SCP-121 is 120 mL of a positron-heavy superconducting liquid, grey to silver in color. The substance replicates through unknown means when partially depleted, filling its storage container within seconds. When ingested in combination with a cocktail of piracetam, modafinil, and beta-blockers, it allows a short period of vivid precognition. First lifted from the Mandean temple of ███-████ in 1957, it has proven to be at once incredibly volatile and useful. Subjects ingesting more than 3 mL of the liquid immediately display signs of intense and violent psychosis, developing into self-mutilation and culminating ultimately in suicide.

Errata: For results from test subjects alpha through chi, see files 121ά-121χ.

Addendum: No people under the effects of SCP-121 should be exposed to SCP-013 as this causes said exposed person to begin screaming and die of massive hemorrhage within thirty (30) seconds of exposure to SCP-013.

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