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Item #: SCP-122

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-122 is to be stored in a 10 m x 10 m room, containing a single electrical outlet. Personnel are prohibited from sleeping within 500 m of the containment area. At no time should SCP-122 be removed from its socket, or otherwise removed from its source of electricity. Several redundant power systems are to be maintained and inspected regularly. A security team of no fewer than eight (8) are to be present at all times, and O5 authorization will be required for any direct access.

Description: SCP-122 appears to be a children’s nightlight in the design of a stylized shooting star. Its composition is unremarkable, with the exception of its bulb. Analysis of the gaseous substance within the bulb has found similarities to the phenomenon of ectoplasm. The bulb itself is inseparable from the body of the device.

When plugged into a wall socket, SCP-122 lets off a modest degree of light, no more remarkable than that of other commercial lights of the same size. When someone is asleep within the radius of SCP-122, a long harsh shadow is cast from the subject, and a lucid dream state is induced. At this point, the shadow becomes a living, shadowy simulacrum of the subject, which begins to act out the will of the dreamer in reality. This simulacrum is considered SCP-122-1.

SCP-122-1 possesses a superhuman degree of strength and speed, which it exhibits based upon the desires of the dreaming subject. While each dream is different based on the subject, the conclusion of the lucid event is always the same, with SCP-122-1 strangling the subject to death. If this occurs, SCP-122-1 becomes an independent entity, free of control. The only method of dispelling SCP-122-1 is the removal of SCP-122 from its power source.

When unplugged, SCP-122 will release gamma radiation exponentially, until rejoined with an electrical source. Removal of SCP-122 to prevent SCP-122-1 from breaching containment is performed remotely, to avoid further deaths by radiation poisoning. Inevitably, SCP-122-1 will attempt to sabotage this device, and both incidents where it was successful led to over ██ casualties among staff.

SCP-122 was discovered at ██████ Children’s Hospital in ██-██-████, after all staff and patients were found dead of massive radiation poisoning. The exception, however, was a small child found dead of strangulation, with a nightlight near his bed. It was presumed that an attending nurse removed SCP-122 from its socket after the death of the child, leading to the release of radiation. Agents secured SCP-122 with a portable power source, and it was transported to Site-19.

Addendum 122-A: A request to attempt to use SCP-781 to control SCP-122-1 is currently pending approval by O5-█.

Addendum 122-B: Testing with SCP-781 has shown that he can effectively control SCP-122-1 when exposed to it. Considering SCP-122-1’s abilities, maintaining control of it for our purposes could be tremendously valuable.

Addendum 122-C: See Incident Log 122-1/781x.

Addendum 122-D: SCP-122 reclassified to Keter following Incident 122-1/781x. Moved to Armed Reliquary Containment Area-02.

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