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Item #: SCP-125

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Organism is held in a specially constructed refrigerated containment facility based in Containment Site Theta in the mountains of Alaska. Co-ordinates are kept secret from all staff with lower than Level 3 clearance.

Description: Organism is contained in a large block of glacial ice retrieved from the local area after discovery by a hiker. Ice has been slowly shaved away to show as clearly as possible the organism inside. Organism is approximately 8.23m (27ft) long, wing span estimated to be approximately 10.36m (34ft) from wingtip to wingtip, but due to damage and position, this is unclear. Organism has four legs, the front pair slightly smaller and appearing more dexterous than the rear pair, wings are connected to a second shoulder between head and regular shoulder joints. SCP-125 appears reptilian, with discernible scales covering its body. No biologists or paleontologists have been able to identify it, short of saying it has draconian features. All staff maintaining and monitoring nitrogen usage have nicknamed the creature 'Drake' and/or refer to it as "the dragon".

The right wing is badly damaged, with the wing membrane heavily torn, while major portions seem to have been lost when it made its forced landing. Severe burns cover much of the right side of its body, some resembling chemical burns are amongst the damage, and several deep lacerations in its hind leg are evident. MRI, X-Ray and CAT scans show extensive internal damage to both tissues and bone structure, and also allowed researchers an intriguing view of the creature's vascular, nervous, digestive, reproductive and respiratory systems. Organism shows signs of a slow regenerative condition, though whether it is being slowed by the ice is unknown, though probable. No physical contact is to be made with SCP-125, and any attempts to sabotage or disable refrigeration systems are to be met with extreme prejudice, leading to immediate termination, regardless of rank.

Additional: While it is unproven if SCP-125 is sentient or even awake, precaution is advised. Several staff members have mentioned hearing whispers in an unknown language when in SCP-125's vicinity, telepathic or auditory source is unknown. Several staff members have been found staring intently at the creature's eyes, and when doing so, are unresponsive to their surroundings, all subjects have undergone 2 month psychological evaluation after events. Further study is not recommended as it would require defrosting SCP-125 to a state where it may escape from containment.

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