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Item #: SCP-134

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-134 is on Site 23 in a moderately sized apartment deep within the compound. She will provide a list of groceries every week that are to be immediately provided. Attending personnel are asked to treat SCP-134 with the utmost care and respect. If any attendant are found to be harassing or harming SCP-134 in any way, they will be immediately terminated. SCP-134 is allowed to freely roam the compound as it has become apparent that she doesn't intend to leave. Attendants are to bring SCP-134 clothes shopping once a month. (See Document #224-1)

Description: SCP-134 was found in an orphanage in ███████████, ██████████ on █████████ ██, ████. She had been there for some time and was never taken into custody based on her appearance.

SCP-134 is a human-Grey hybrid. It is not known whether SCP-134 was created by abduction or by one of the sister sites, but she has told us that she cannot remember anything before her time in the orphanage. SCP-134's eyes are black and her skin is smooth, hairless and pink-grey. Her anatomy is almost exactly like most humans with the exception of three fingers on each hand, lacks nipples and has white blood. SCP-134's body is weaker and more fragile than that of a normal anatomy. Other than that she is very healthy, yet excessively shy.

Examinations have shown that she is capable of using various Grey abilities including telepathy, healing, empathy and mild psychokinesis. She has taken a job as Dr. Rose's assistant in the infirmary and her health is kept under close observation.

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