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Item #: SCP-136

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-136 is kept on Site 23 in a locked iron box. The artifact should be kept in the box at all times unless otherwise directed. Should personnel be asked to move or interact with SCP-136 they should wear lead-lined hazmat suits to prevent contamination. If any attendant should touch SCP-136 they are to see Dr. Rose immediately for full-gene therapy with SCP-134.

Description: Artifact was discovered by a civilian on ███████████ ██, ████ in █████████████, █████████. The civilian was later caught by agents in ███████████, █████████ after reports of a chimera running loose through the town. The artifact is a small blue orb that causes severe genetic chimerism. Lab experiments have created a dog with tentacles and wings, a rat with hooves, a shell and scales and a rabbit with antlers. (See Document #478-2)

The orb appears to be alien technology that has, for one reason or another, been damaged beyond repair. It has been theorized that the device was used as camouflage for the alien species that left it behind. Extensive research has shown that the device chooses the DNA at random, but still according to the commonality of the animal. In other words, animals that are more common will be chosen more times then animals that are less common.

Additionally, the orb does not choose the DNA of insects or extremely small animals. We believe this is because the device was designed to comfortably disguise it's user. This is supported by the painlessness of the genetic alteration.

Document #478-1: "A reminder to all personnel, SCP-138 is extraordinarily hazardous and it's long term usage is not well documented. That being said, I will officially reprimand anyone caught putting the orb in my desk or under the cushion in my chair and the "jokesters" that gave me chicken legs will be found out and punished for their actions.
- Dr. Klein"

Document #478-2: "All personnel are reminded that the "jackalope", which you have apparently named Rudolph, is still lab property. Please do not take him out of his cage without authorization from myself or one of the other doctors.
- Dr. Klein"

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