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Item #: SCP-136

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-136 shall be contained in a glass box at all times. Three Class D Personnel shall guard the box at all times. The side of the cube with the hole in it must face upwards at all time. Should the containment area break, and the cube begin to fall, it is imperative that the side of the cube with the hole in it not hit the floor. It is uncertain at this time what the effects of this would be. However, there are theories that it may very well ████████████████████████████████████████████████. SCP-136 should only be examined by level 3 personnel and higher only. Each person should be psychologically analysed to be completely sane, and having no suicidal or homicidal tendencies whatsoever. While handling SCP-136 it must only be touched between rotations, otherwise the handler will be [DATA EXPUNGED] and the object will fall to the ground, possibly leading to a Keter Event.

Description: Found on a mapping expedition off the coast of ████████████████. The object has no mass, yet appears to be affected by gravitational forces, and can be held in the hand, the reasons for this are unknown. (Theories exist that [DATA EXPUNGED].) SCP-136 gives off an aura that induces loss of self-awareness, and is engraved with, what is seemingly, a previously unknown language. It has an extremely old look, the crudity of the carvings, the ancient looking engravings, and the rough craftwork, not to mention the wear on the exterior. However, it appears to be of a metal harder than can be worked on by modern tools. It also continuously rotates, on what appears to be more than 3 axises. A small square hole exists on one side, inside of which 3 of the discovering party were lost. The hole appears to be less than an inch in diameter, and yet it can fit much more than that. A danger exists that any who go near this item are either removed from the existence and sent to an unknown place with the rotating side, will be removed into the unknown interior of the cube, or other unknown risks. (See Document E-136-(1-5) attached)

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #E-136-(1-3,15)

Document #E-136:

NOTE: This is regarding a set of experiments that have been released to all personnel. The rest of the experiments can be accessed by Level 3 and higher in Document #[Redacted].

Experiment 1: Agent ████████ was given the object to hold while the sides rotated, He disappeared on the spot and dropped SCP-136. The object was caught by agent ████████ before it hit the ground.

Experiment 2: Three (3) D-Class personnel were told to walk towards the cube and jump onto it (with the hole facing upwards), all three personnel were lost.

Experiment 3: The Cube was placed on the ground, with the hole paralell to the ground. A full sized Remote controlled Hummer was driven toward the cube. It entered the cube and was lost.

Experiment 15: An Experiment with SCP-151-D was suggested, however SCP-151-D was neturalised before the experiment could be completed (See Experiment Log 151). However, SCP-151-D declared that he recognised the language numerous times.

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