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Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-139 is to be contained in a a room measuring 12' on each side, furnished however SCP-139 requests. The door of this room is to be constructed of solid titanium that must be locked at all times(see Document SCP-139b).

Following incident 324-14, SCP-139 is not allowed to leave its containment chamber at any time with the only exception being to assist testing on SCP-370. Personnel attempting to release SCP-139 will be reprimanded with serious consideration for termination.

Description: SCP-139 resembles an average adult human male with the exception that SCP-139 is completely covered in pitch black fur. Testing of this fur reveals that it does not belong to any known species of animal. SCP-139 has the unique ability to communicate with all species of animals using a language that does not match any existing languages, and is able to speak fluent English as well. SCP-139 generally acts maturely around personnel, though has been known to use his ability to speak with animals to play practical jokes. These "jokes" range from a nuisance to extremely dangerous, the most extreme case being SCP-139 telling a mountain lion to use its claws to carve a face into the stomach of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Document SCP-139b (regarding incident 324-14): On April 17th, 2007, SCP-139 requested to be taken around the facility and, specifically, to be taken to SCP-363's containment chamber. With O5-[DATA EXPUNGED]'s consent, SCP-139 was taken to SCP-363's room, escorted by three level 4 personnel. Upon entering, SCP-363-1, 363-2 and 363-3 approached SCP-139 as per usual. SCP-139 then shouted at them in the unknown language he uses to communicate with animals, and SCP-363-1 and SCP-363-3 immediately backed away. SCP-139 then approached SCP-363 and shouted at it in the unknown language used previously. SCP-363 responded with a gurgling roar, and SCP-139 and 363-2 proceeded to move behind SCP-363's back to escape the view of the three level 4 personnel. When two of SCP-139's escorts attempted to follow, SCP-363-1 and 363-3 became violent and attacked them until they backed off. After several minutes, SCP-139 re-emerged and requested to return to his cell. When questioned about his actions, SCP-139 merely laughed and responded, "I think you'll figure it out in time."

Addendum [SCP-139g]: Upon communication with SCP-529, SCP-139 has revealed that "Josie" does not know why she is the way she is, only that she has always known herself to be without her hindquarters. She also expresses pleasure with the personnel, most especially with [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum [SCP-139h]: Upon communication with SCP-530, SCP-139 has revealed that "Carl" became the way he is through the actions of his previous master, genetic researcher ██████ ██████████. He also expresses displeasure that his food bowl is next to SCP-529s food bowl.

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