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Item #: SCP-140

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-140 is to be kept inside its garage and be driven for at least an hour every day and cleaned every two weeks. SCP-140 is not to be driven more than two hours in one trip without special clearance. The radio is not to be played with, and nothing is to be removed from the car.

Description: SCP-140 appears to be a black 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. It has been modified to have custom wheels, body work, fuzzy dice, and a license plate that reads "Mr. Angry" Opening the hood reveals a small, jabbering humanoid, with blue skin, bulging, bloodshot eyes, yellowed needly teeth, and an oversized, lolling tongue. It is connected to the vehicle by tubes hooked firmly into its body, which seem to be filled with a biological fluid similar in molecular structure to rocket fuel. It is a blur to the naked human eye, and clear shots can only be captured with specialized cameras; this is due to the rapid and continuous movement displayed by SCP-140. Slowdown of the constant jabbering has revealed it to be driving onomatopoeaia, and intermittent cackling, or when enraged, obscenities.

SCP-140 was discovered in 197█ after the death of ██████ █████, the previous owner. It does not display any abnormalities if driven for under two hours save that it does not run out of fuel. However, if driven for over two hours, it begins to rapidly accelerate, eventually reaching speeds of Mach 3. This typically leads to the driver passing out, resulting in a fatal crash (SCP-140 takes damage from the crash, but begins to "fix" itself over a short period of time).

If any of the containment procedures are violated or not met, SCP-140 will attempt to chase down the person it deems as the guilty party (see document Z66-O). It has been known to be single-minded in its hunt, often going through walls, over mountains, and across large bodies of water to find the transgressor (how it knows the location of the transgressor is not known at this time).

Document #Z66-O: Incidents involving SCP-140

1. Personnel D-130 attempted to change the radio station in the middle of Deep Purple's "Highway Star". SCP-140 stopped, somehow violently ejected him through the side door and onto the road, and drove itself back to its garage, forcing Personnel D-130 to walk back to the facility.

2. Dr. Derringer neglected to arrange SCP-140's daily drive. SCP-140 somehow drove through a large amount of earth, concrete, and steel to reach his quarters at 10:42 PM. SCP-140 then honked angrily until Dr. Derringer drove it for an hour.

3. A day before his vacation to the Bahamas, Agent █████ stole SCP-140's fuzzy dice on a bet, replacing them with store-bought novelty fuzzy dice. About three days later, SCP-140 drove through its garage door, across the continent, and across the Pacific Ocean before reaching the beach where Agent █████ was lounging and running him over, backing up over his corpse, and running him over again, several times.

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