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Item #: SCP-141

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-141 is to be kept in a concrete cell, located in Sector ██. Armed personnel with an explicit knowledge and understanding of the nature of SCP-141 are to be kept guarding the entrance to SCP-141's cell at all times, with shifts every six hours, and at least one psychologist is to be monitoring the subjects at times for any abnormalities in its behavior.

SCP-141-2 is to be fed a high carbohydrate/high protein meal every four hours. As the only entity of SCP-141 to require nutrition, it is recommended that Dr. Maskovich feed SCP-141-2, as he is best acquainted with all three entities. In the case of Dr. Maskovich's absence, Agent Jamison, who has been permanently assigned to SCP-141 due to his unique understanding of it, should feed it instead. Other Class D personnel with some degree of personal contact with SCP-141 may provide its meals, but this is not recommended.

In the event of a containment breech, nerve gas will be pumped into the subject's cell, until the gas is effective or the subject shows no sign of termination. In the latter event, it is recommended that a highly trained elite team of recovery agents attempt to control SCP-141, as its full capabilities are not yet known.

Under no circumstances should SCP-141-1, SCP-141-2, and SCP-141-3 be separated.

Description: SCP-141 is a man who has apparently dissociated into three individual physical entities. These entities are as follows:

SCP-141-1: "Appearance" as named by the research team, appears to be the manifestation of SCP-141's external appearance. Subject is noted for its eloquence and manipulative nature, and it is not recommended that researchers attempt to converse with this entity without receiving prior notice to its abilities. This aspect lacks a sturdy physical makeup, and has been noted by guards as "breaking up" or temporarily "dissolving". Camera evidence does not support this.

SCP-141-2: "Body" as named by the research team, appears to be the manifestation of SCP-141's physical body. Subject is noted for possessing above-average athletic ability, an extremely high metabolism, and an animalistic instinct. Biochemists and various physiologists studying SCP-141-2 frequently note that the subject should be dead as a result of its rapid metabolism, but it seems to suffer no ill-effects. SCP-141-2 is the primary reason for armed guards, as it has claimed several Class D work assistants and accounted for seven casualties of trained Class E personnel. Appears as a male body, heavily muscled with lean muscle mass, and lacks facial expression, appearing to only use senses for movement and environmental perception.

SCP-141-3: "Mind" as named by the research team, appears to be the manifestation of SCP-141's conceptual mind. Subject is noted for its instability, control over the other entities, and frequent changes between the "emotional" state and "logical". Researchers are recommended this entity be most studied, as it has shown knowledge of SCP-141's origins and intimate understanding of itself and the other entities. Appears as a pale blue/white male with no discernible features. The actions of SCP-141-3 merits the promotion to a Keter class specimen, (Reclassification no longer applicable, please see document #141-001) as its actions detail below:

*06/17/08 - directed SCP-141-2 to attack a researcher speaking with SCP-141-1 in the cell. SCP-141-2 did as it was told immediately, dismembering the researcher within seconds. SCP-141-1 and SCP-141-3 proceeded to use the researchers blood to write and paint various messages on the wall. [DATA EXPUNGED]
*06/28/08 - Psychologically traumatized a guard after engaging him in conversation. Subject apparently began to dig into personnel's history, and then proceeded to verbally abuse them. Sound proof-measures installed shortly thereafter, and greater knowledge imparted into all nonessential staff working with or around SCP-141.
*07/03/08 - Subject apparently utilized SCP-141-1 to manipulate a psychologist into removing his finger and giving it to SCP-141-2, after which it used the bloody digit to paint more [DATA EXPUNGED]. Management personnel looking into possible termination of subject.
*07/06/08 - Guard personnel claim that SCP-141-3 and SCP-141-2 "merged". Camera evidence does not support this. It is recommended that security personnel be cycled through on a six month basis.

Addendum: Staff with Level 3 clearance should refer to Document #141-001.

Document #141-001: Discovery and Capture of SCP-141

Reported by: Agent ████████ █████████ on 06/02/08

We found 141 after a local psychologist was reported missing. When police investigated his house, they found SCP-141-2, which subsequently murdered them, probably under the direction of SCP-141-3. When we got there, the scene was pretty gory…lots of blood, pieces, etc. Many images were painted on the wall, most of them of [DATA EXPUNGED],// and we were pretty unsettled by this time. I ordered weapons free, but when we met SCP-141-1, it made us drop our guard just long enough to have SCP-141-2 kill// [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE LIST OF KILLED CLASS E PERSONNEL #7892-7899],// presumably under the direction of SCP-141-3, which we didn't find until later. We got out, called in some Keter people, and didn't do anything until we got some help. After that// [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE DOCUMENT #141-002].

Addendum 2: Staff with Level 3 clearance should refer to Document #141-004.

Document #141-004: Removal of Keter Class Status

Reported by: Doctor Dimitri Maskovich on 06/15/08

I am removing the Keter status of SCP-141. It has shown no unreasonable antipathy or violence towards staff, anymore than any one of us would if we were stolen from our home and put in a concrete cell. It will also become mandatory that all personnel working around SCP-141 understand its various natures, as I believe this will greatly reduce the amount of injuries related to SCP-141. It is only reasonable that they attempt to know the great marvel that they constrain, as it is a fascinating entity.

I also will not accept these anomalous reports of SCP-141, the camera has recorded no such things, and I believe that the personnel who have witnessed such "events" spend too much time with SCP-141, especially SCP-141-1 and SCP-141-3. I myself have studied the subject a great deal, and saw no such things.

Thank you,

Dr. Maskovich

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