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Item #: SCP-142

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are to ground themselves with issued wristbands, leg-braces, and gloves before handling SCP-142. Removal of all metallic objects from personnel are strongly encouraged, and any device that emits signals in the electromagnetic spectrum are to be removed prior to handling. Once a week, personnel are to perform an electric discharge on SCP-142 in order to prevent possible hazardous buildup. Personnel are not to remove SCP-142 from the containment area unless directed to by a superior. In case of unauthorized removal, personnel are subject to disciplinary actions.

Description: SCP-142 measures ~10 cm by ~8 cm, with a bulge in the middle. In high temperatures, its color has been observed as transparent, but in lower temperatures (<300 K), the color has remained a constant dull silver. The surface is as smooth as glass, and has been noted to be easily dropped when held by bare flesh. Upon examining the surface under high magnification, the letters "AJV" are found. More data on "AJV" can be found in Document 142-AJV.

SCP-142 also exhibits a characteristic of generating a very high voltage charge, much like static electricity one gets from interacting with conducting objects with a dry atmosphere. While the shock one receives from handling SCP-142 is rarely deadly or harmful, it is able to damage or destroy electrical equipment. The primary reason for it being in SCP custody is the fact that, if allowed, SCP-142 can generate and hold an electrical charge strong enough to start an engine (see Document 142-A), despite no external input of energy into it.

Addendum: Alert to SCP Personnel working with SCP-142

From: O5-█

Date: 2008-██-██

Subject: SCP-142 Containment

It has come to my attention that there have been instances of misuse of SCP-142. Two reported instances of using a partially charged SCP-142 as a 'practical joke' hand buzzer, one reported instance of using SCP-142 to ignite an aerosol can, and several other incidents that have not been reported, but have been observed. This is not the first scenario of personnel abusing SCP objects. Let me remind you that these are in our care for a reason. Anyone caught in violation of an SCP Object's containment protocol will be severely disciplined. That is, if the SCP didn't kill them already.

Document #142-A: Obtainment of SCP-142

Found by application of SCP-███, ████████ led the retrieval team to a small dairy farm on the outskirts of Teruel, Spain. After quarantine and search, it was discovered that an elderly man by the name of █████████████ knew of SCP-142. He had attached it to an Aplina 1921 Tractor and was using it as its ignition power source. Agent ███████ paid the farmer for the object and managed to leave with a minimal cover story. No fatalities or injuries occurred.

Document #142-AJV: Investigation into AJV

After several weeks of testing and observation, a very small and crude etch of the letters "AJV" has been spotted on SCP-142. Attempts to scratch or damage SCP-142 have proven successful, with two 5mm marks on the flatter side resulting from a steel pick. Initially AJV was thought to be the possible creator or discoverer of SCP-142, and would open many possibilities for finding out where other SCP objects originate. During personal interviews of civilians who have come into contact with SCP-142, it was found that a woman by the name of █████████████ carved the initials of her ex-fiancé (AARÓN JOSE V███████) into SCP-142. Further research into the letters is not recommended.

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