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Item #: SCP-146

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item 146 is currently being displayed in the reception area of Facility 12. Personnel assigned to front office duty are advised to keep watch on SCP-146 when visitors enter, especially if the visitors are unscheduled. No attempts should be made to stop visitors from interacting with SCP-146, though superiors with at least level 3 clearance are to be notified.

Description: Item 146 is a blade approximately 95cm long. The item is embedded in a rough block of granite such that only 3.5cm of the blade is visible below the handguard. Blade surface appears untarnished and polished, despite estimates of the item's age. Attempts to remove Item 146 from the embedding material have so far proven impossible.

A cease on testing of SCP-146 and its movement from site EL023 were ordered following Executive Order Z-901.

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