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Item #: SCP-148

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-148 is to be stored as cast ingots, contained in Storage Unit 16-A of Sector-19, and is not permitted to be within 2.5 km of an extrasensory SCP unless tests are authorized to be conducted with said SCP.

Description: SCP-148 is a metallic substance, composed of a variety of known and unknown elements. The total volume of SCP-148 on hand is approximately one tonne. SCP-148 has a grey-white color with a green tinge. SCP-148 has a melting transition point of approximately 4500°C and a boiling transition point of approximately 9000°C. SCP-148 has a density of 9.78 g/cm³ and qualifies as HRC 39 in a Rockwell hardness test. It exhibits material properties, such as strength, ductility, and workability, similar to stainless steel.

Among the constituent elements currently identified are carbon, iron, gallium, hafnium, lead, platinum, iridium, silicon, and titanium, collectively composing 80% of SCP-148's mass. However, there are other substances not detectable by mass spectrometry or other means, given the mass of the material. SCP-148 has shown to be able to block or otherwise hinder all known extrasensory and telepathic abilities of the subject it encapsulates [see Addendum-148-01], with effectiveness depending on thickness.

SCP-148 was retrieved from the metallurgy department of Prometheus Labs's base facility during the Foundation's sweep of Prometheus Labs. Computers concerned with the project had unveiled that the substance was to be trademarked and marketed as "Telekill" by a private industrial company. However, due to the all but complete destruction of Prometheus Labs, the trademark and licensing were canceled and the project apparently scrapped. The Foundation has requested that the company send all SCP-148 received from Prometheus Labs to the Foundation under the guise of international distribution protocol. Although the Foundation has collected ''some'' of SCP-148 from the company, attempts to contact the industrial company have proven fruitless. It is uncertain if the Foundation has recovered all of SCP-148.

Addendum 148-01:

SCP-148's abilities have proven only useful against remote viewing human subjects that are deemed too insignificant to warrant Special Containment Procedures. As of yet, no tests have been made against SCPs with extrasensory abilities. Proposed tests against other SCPs are only to be submitted to and authorized by Level 4 personnel overseeing Sector-19. Any personnel involved in unauthorized tests with SCP-148 are to be terminated. See additional addenda for future confirmation of SCP-148's effect on other SCPs.

Addendum 148-02:

It has been requested by [DATA EXPUNGED] that SCP-148's effects be tested against SCP-132-ARC. Request approved.

Addendum 148-03:

SCP-132-ARC has responded positively to encapsulation by SCP-148. Although SCP-132's abilities have not been completely disabled, SCP-148 has been able to filter approximately 85% of negative affects SCP-132 absorbs.

Addendum 148-04:
SCP-132 has requested that her chamber be refurnished with SCP-148. Request approved.

Addendum 148-05
Given the amount of SCP-148 already used by the Foundation, and the rapidly depleting amount remaining, all further requests to use SCP-148 are to be frozen pending O5-level review. O5-07

Clarification: Chain of command. If you wish to make use of SCP-148, please contact the senior staff member in charge of your division, and they will decide whether to pass the request up the line. The next person to attempt to ask me directly is being reassigned to Kondraki. O5-6

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