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Item #: SCP-150

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-150 is to be kept in a locked box, measuring 7'x6"x6" and is to be handled only by Class D personnel convicted of non-violent crimes. In the event of containment breach, SCP-150's chamber is to be flooded with sarin gas.

Description: SCP-150 is a nondescript medieval arming sword of Oakeshott Type XIII, taken from █████ ██████████ on █/██/████ in ██████████, ████████. Research shows that Mr. ██████████ acquired SCP-150 from a carnival two weeks before he was apprehended by SCP forces. Attempts to track down the vendor have been unsuccessful. Mr. ██████████ seems to have discovered the properties of SCP-150 by accident, and proceeded to use it for his personal gain. Mr. ██████████ attempted to rob a bank in ████████ with SCP-150, but was apprehended by SCP forces (disguised as SWAT) after police failed to capture him, after several uses of "lethal force." After Mr. ██████████ explained the abilities of SCP-150, he was terminated. Research shows that SCP-150 was not responsible for Mr. ██████████'s behavior, and has no psychological effects whatsoever.

SCP-150 makes the user's skin invulnerable to outside harm, and is itself indestructible. SCP-150 has no psychological effects, though most test subjects experience a mild euphoria once they realize they are invincible. Test subjects wielding SCP-150 proved vulnerable to inhaled/contact delivered chemicals, as well as precision attacks through the eye or ear canal. Once no longer in contact with SCP-150, test subjects showed no signs of retaining its effects. Neutralization of personnel via inhaled tranquilizer is the recommended method for containing SCP-150. Due to its abilities, anyone wishing to handle SCP-150 must be cleared by a psychologist, to ensure they will not attempt to use SCP-150 in a violent manner.

Note: The recommendation to use SCP-150 to terminate SCP-682 has been denied. The risk of SCP-682 disarming SCP-150's handler and acquiring it are too great. - Dr. ██████

Document 028/005/150/040/151: Agent ███████ was exposed to SCP-028, but displayed no effects. Two days later Agent ███████ acquired SCP-005 and used it to acquire SCP-150, then made his way to SCP-040's chamber. Upon Agent ███████'s entering the chamber, SCP-040 reacted, and Agent ███████ was transformed into [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent ███████ (now classified as SCP-151-D) left SCP-005 and SCP-150 in SCP-040's chamber and proceeded to leave the compound. Though not met with violence from SCP-151-D, all attempts at containment failed. Whereabouts of SCP-151-D are currently unknown. SCP-151-D constitutes a significant risk to both the secrecy and the containment of all other SCPs. It is recommended that it be apprehended/terminated at all costs.UPDATE: As of ██-██-████, SCP-151 has been officially terminated and reclassified as SCP-151-D

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