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Item #: SCP-152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are not to remove SCP-152 from the break room without orders from Level 4 personnel. Any personnel caught attempting to breach this protocol will be severely reprimanded. A formal request to use SCP-152 for recreational purposes must be submitted at least 2 days in advance.

Description: SCP-152 is a 2 cm thick game board, created by SCP-151-D. SCP-152's default appearance is that of a 25 x 25 Go game grid, though it reconfigures itself to match the requirement of the user when an alternative game piece is provided. SCP-152 creates and removes game pieces of its own accord, requiring only the initial piece to be provided in the case of an alternative game. Regardless of the orientation of the board (which does not appear to be affected by gravity and remains in whatever position it is moved to), pieces on the board do not change position unless prompted by one of the players, either physically or vocally. Due to its harmless nature, SCP-152 is not scheduled for destruction, but it should not leave the compound as its properties are quite noticeable.

Addendum: SCP-152 has not responded to tests intended to utilize its duplication ability, appearing to only respond to game pieces. Furthermore, objects created by SCP-152 dissipate within 10 seconds of the conclusion of a game. Testing suspended indefinitely.

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