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Item #: SCP-154

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-154 is to be kept within Weapon Locker 8, in Armed-Research Site-47. Personnel wishing to research or use item must submit the required request forms. Anyone attempting to remove the item without clearance, or from outside of the facility is to be terminated on sight.

Description: SCP-154 is a pair of simple bronze bracelets, completely circular and large enough to comfortably hang off the arm of most people. Spectrograph analysis have proven that the item is composed entirely of copper (85%), tin (11%), arsenic (3%), and traces of other slight impurities (<1%).

When both bracelets are worn on the same arm, and the wearer concentrates on them with arms extended in a depiction of a traditional "nocked bowstring" pose (achieved by having the arm with the bracelets completely extended in front of oneself, with the opposing arm extended up to the elbow of the fully extended arm), a large, indistinct, incorporeal bow will form in the extended hand, and both bracelets will glow lightly.

From that point onwards, SCP-154 can be treated as a bow, until the pose or concentration is broken, which results in the bracelets reverting to normal. There is no actual bowstring, but completing the motion of pulling it achieves the same effect. When the "bowstring is pulled and released", a large, concentrated, heated burst of concussive air will emit from the extended arm, traveling in a straight path at speeds recorded over three hundred (300) meters per second. This blast is measured at having a basic temperature of five hundred (500) degrees Celsius. Repeated blasts have been known to buckle and partially melt steel. Blasts can be fired repeatedly with no consequence to the user or to the item.

The item was found in █████████ in Greece, in the possession of █████ █████████ █████, a young man who, after finding the item in his late grandfather's possessions, and somehow discovering its unusual properties, attempted to sell it in an online auction, thus bringing it to the attention of the Foundation, among others.

The website that performed the auction had the corresponding pages wiped, the item was relieved from the man's possession, and after careful questioning, his mind was erased of the event, and replaced with memories of finding a considerable amount of money amongst his grandfather's possessions (provided by the Foundation). He is currently being watched for any signs of regaining his memory, or being contacted by any of the other organizations interested in obtaining SCP.

Addendum 154-01: Several personnel, including Drs. ████, ███████, Grants, and ████████████, and security personnel Kleiveman, ███, and Smith, have requested to form an archery club using SCP-154. (Granted)

They are allowed to use the item Mondays and Thursdays, in any of the firing ranges on site.

Addendum 154-02: The Archery Club is now only to take place in Firing Range 06, as this is the only range able to withstand the heavy punishment of SCP-154. Firing Ranges 01, 03, 04, and 05 should be completely repaired and fully functional within a week.

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