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Item #: SCP-156

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-156 is to be kept in a hermetically sealed room at all times. Temperatures must be kept below 15.5°C (60°F). Access to SCP-156’s room is restricted to Class D Personnel. When personnel enter SCP-156's room, no fewer than two may enter at any time and all personnel must be wearing Class IV biohazard suits. In the event of suit failure, the offending person must be removed to the inner decontamination lock and Decontamination Procedure 2* enacted. In the event that the chamber is breached, the facility housing SCP-156 will be flooded with liquid nitrogen and a deadlock seal enabled.

Description: SCP-156 appears to be a gray mold no more than 2 cm thick. Tests have shown that SCP-156 reacts quickly to temperatures above 21°C (70°F), growing exponentially. When exposed to temperatures above 21°C, SCP-156 doubles in size every 2 minutes. Higher temperatures increase the speed of growth exponentially.

SCP-156 was first found in a trailer on the outskirts of a small city near the US/Mexico border. The growth had control over 14 people living in the nearby town. The infected showed no symptoms unless wounded, at which point the blood of the infected was seen to be a grayish color. The infected seem to be under the mental control of SCP-156, which appears to be sentient, and desires sources of heat. First attempts at eradication involving fire were disastrous, resulting in the loss of two containment teams.

*Decontamination Procedure 2: The inner decontamination lock is to be flooded with liquid nitrogen and sealed for five minutes. After the requisite time has passed, Class D Personnel are to enter the inner decontamination lock and seal the body inside a Class 3 Container, to be stored in SCP-156’s chamber.

Addendum: As of █████████ all Class 3 Containers stored with SCP-156 were moved to Armed Bio-Containment Area-14, as the containment area was becoming overcrowded with Class 3 containers.

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