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Item #: SCP-1584

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1584 is to be kept in a secured storage room that is to remain locked at all times. Personnel wishing to use the device for recreational purposes must submit a written request form and wait two to three (2-3) weeks for a response, in which they will be denied.

Description: SCP-1584 is a large, corrugated cardboard box, with the words "transmogrifier duplicator transmogrifier time machine transmogrifier" written badly on the side in permanent marker. There is a small dial on the side with settings for various animals, including eel, baboon, bug, dinosaur, tiger, and "Calvin". Beside this dial is a small button that has been drawn on, with the word "start" scrawled beneath it.

Subjects who enter the box completely are capable of transforming into any of the creatures named on the side of the box, so long as an onlooker pushes the "start" button. Any names that are added to the side is marker will also work, so long as the dial is turned to them at the time. Users will know that the device has worked as there will be a distinct "boink" sound after the button is pressed.

The process is completely reversible, since one of the names written on the sides recently by one of our researchers was the word "normal", which will revert the subject back into their original, "normal" state.

The box was found in a landfill in Ohio in early 1996.

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