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SCP-159, with an appearance of a standard OPEN neon sign

Item #: SCP-159

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-159 is to be permanently placed in the entrance window to Site-██. SCP-159 should only be activated when authorized Class D or above attempt to enter Site-██, and only activated by the current entrance guard, typically █████ ███████. The guard currently observing SCP-159 must make sure none of the neon tubes ever flickers – if this is to occur, said guard must call a Level 2 agent or above to rectify the situation (see Document [2.71.32.█).

Description: SCP-159 has the appearance of a standard OPEN neon sign. However, when deactivated by removing it from a standard power outlet, the building or room it is currently being displayed for becomes impossible by any means to enter (however, upon the observation of [DECEASED], it is still possible to exit). When active, however, the entrance to whatever building or room it is displaying for becomes suddenly unlocked.

DOCUMENT: [2.19.21.██], Observations of The Effects of SCP-159

NOTE: All testing was performed on a standard tool shed with a window (for SCP-159 to be displayed from) and a wooden door.
- When active, entrance becomes possible to lock, but unconventional methods can still open the door (lockpick, hatchet, etc.).
- When inactive, however, the entire shed becomes impossible to breach by any method. Tests included thermal lances, high fragmentation explosives, tunneling, and hydrochloric acid. Requests for a miniature atomic explosion have been repeatedly denied; if a suitable location can be found for the test, O5 officers will review SCP-159’s atomic testing.

DOCUMENT: [], Dr. ███████ ████████’s Response to Personal Use

“Although some of us here are indeed, concerned for privacy, we should remind you that Site-██ is a high-tech stronghold. Granted, some of you are bashful when it comes to showers, but that’s no need for you to try sealing the entire shower room for your personal use.” ~ Dr. ███████ ████████

DOCUMENT: [2.71.32.█], If SCP-159 Tubes Should Fail

If a neon tube on SCP-159 should ever flicker, the current guard on duty must alert a Level 2 or above officer. After the alert, unplug SCP-159. This does open up Site-██ for potential security risks, but the threat of SCP-159 being destroyed is of far greater concern. When the officer arrives, they are instructed to replace the tubing with standard replacement neon tubing – it appears to be the device that the neon tubing is on produces the security effects, and not the tubing itself. But Dr. ███████ ████████ has a suspicion that if a tube should burn out, SCP-159 might be rendered unworkable and unfixable.

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