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Item #: SCP-160

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-160 is to be kept within Secure Item Storage at Site-██. SCP-160 must, when not in use, be kept at a maximum temperature of -7 degrees celsius and the storage container is to be lead-lined and darkened. These security measures are to prevent the accident activation of SCP-160.

Description: SCP-160 is a deep blue sphere, composed of an unknown alloy, seven (7) centimeters in diameter. When it is heated, shook, placed in a well-lit area, or has any other form of energy placed upon it, this SCP will absorb the energy, and darken in color. When SCP-160 has absorbed enough energy, and turns completely black, it activates.

When activated, SCP-160 nullifies all known laws of physics within a two thousand (2,000) meter radius. This is not uniform, with the effects occurring in seemingly random areas within the radius. After roughly four (4) hours, SCP-160 deactivates, returning to its original hue.

Recorded effects have been:

  • Gravity: In a majority of the area affected by SCP-160, gravity cancels out completely, causing everything to float through the air. However, there have been recorded spots in which gravity changes direction, resulting in objects "falling" to what would normally be up or other directions. Also, the weight of objects within areas of gravity change, and normally light objects become extremely heavy, and vice-versa.
  • Inertia: Newton's laws of motion appear be cancelled out completely. Objects that have been clocked with speeds of over 150 kilometers per hour have gained the ability to make instantaneous and sudden stops without any form of momentum, and also have the ability to resume such speeds from rest in under one second with little or no other forces acting upon them.
  • Thermodynamics: All laws of thermodynamics are affected by SCP-160. Objects within the radius of this SCP have been known to gain incredible amounts of energy and fly through the air when lightly pushed, or to only move several feet despite having large amounts of pressure placed upon them.

Due to the excessive damage caused by the activation of SCP-160, authorization to test it is rarely given, requiring the approval of two Level 4 Security Clearance personnel. When authorization is approved, the entire site must be secured and put on Grade 3 lockdown.

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