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SCP-160 in its inert state

Item #: SCP-160

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-160 is held in a safebox 100x100x100cm in dimensions. The hatch is locked by 13 different locking mechanisms, 12 of which are assigned to one specific O5 director and a thirteenth that requires all 12 to be present at the same time. This makes the box nearly impossible to open as Commanding Personnel Preservation Protocol-07 dictates that no more than 4 O5 directors are to be in the same facility at the same time; and CPPP-01 dictates no O5 director should ever come into any kind of contact with Keter class objects. Other than that the safebox is sealed in a standard size Keter containment room filled with concrete, guarded by 24 level 0 guards who are under strict orders to apply lethal force to anyone attempting to access SCP-160 short of 6 or more O5 director figures.

The thirteenth lock is the Intelligent Watcher System. The IWS is a machine comprised of three organic, intelligent, human brains; sustained indefinitely by artificial organs and gene tonics designed to maintain the tissues' telomeres and symbiotic microorganisms to maintain cellular structure; attached to a super computer by electrochemical sensitive needles. The IWS was created to be the perfect fraud detection system; the first brain inserted was the technician who conceived the system, the second was the scientist who perfected the medicine to indefinitely sustain a human brain, and the third was the first O5 director to retire his position and secure the IWS for the SCP. All three brains are physically located on different compounds, but are linked to the supercomputer overseeing Storage Area-134, with 31 cameras devoted to SCP-160 and another 407 devoted to SCP-███. If at any time any of the three brains shows abnormal brain activity, the facility is locked down; if at any time more than 4 cameras become inoperable, the facility is locked down; if at any time one of the three suspects a keyholder to be a person other than the designated O5 director, the facility locks down.

The most important lock of all is secrecy, nobody outside the three brains and O5 directors are privy to the records of Storage Area-134; all researchers and agents with knowledge of SCP-160 were terminated and the level 0 guards are unaware of the nature of their charge.

Description: SCP-160 is a flat 6.35cm by 17.78cm silver technological apparatus with the ability to physically alter itself to fit comfortable on a user's arm. Initial substance tests suggest a molecular woven carbon chain surface with no cracks or crevasses allowing access to it's inner mechanisms. Once attached to a user, a series of 18 symbols appear in a keyboard formation next to a display screen; keys and screen always face the user's face, moving along the surface to accommodate head and arm position; keys and screen are not manifested by any changes in the object's substance and emit no waves except the visible light range of the current subject. Researchers were unable to decipher the meaning of the symbols but the user expresses a spontaneous understanding of them, screen displays the same 18 symbols arranged in some unknown language.

Experiment Record-00: Several methods of interaction with the object prove fruitless. When placed against the subjects arm the object molds itself into a cylinder perfectly fit to the subject's arm. Subject's eyes widened, pupils constricted, head shook rapidly, subject grabbed head and howled, punched one researcher in the face(lacerating his cheek and shattering his lower skull) on her path to the wall of the room, and proceeded to slam her head until the front of her skull was gone and loss of brain matter killed her.

Experiment Record-01: The subject inanimately displayed numerous functions of the object to researchers. When the subject prompted the object by moving his fingers across the symbols in combinations the object would allow him access to: intangibility to physical objects, intangibility to visible light spectrum, intangibility to ultraviolet, infrared, radar, sonar, magnetic, x-ray, and radiation, reduced and eliminated effects of gravity, limited controlled breaking of the law of conservation of energy, limited controlled breaking of the law of conservation of mass, and an IQ boosted beyond the tests capabilities to measure.

Only minutes after exploring the extent of the objects abilities, subject learned to access all functions psychically, minutes after that he was able to combine and finely tune functions with dexterity, in essence, the object allowed the subject to instantly produce any effect he pleased with little more than a thought.

At the end of a 20 minutes of questioning the subject abruptly asked to be excused. When denied, the subject apologized and began walking out of the testing facility, through 6 reinforced doors. Once the subject breached the second set of doors, the guards opened fire on the subjects back. The recording of the shooting showed the subject clearly tangible and walking on the solid ground, when the guards fired their weapons the subject was clearly startled and his feet sank through the floor. Upon review of the events in the outer hallway the conjecture of researchers is that the device is both intelligent and precognitive, and will alter the user any necessary surroundings without warning to preserve the user's wellbeing.

After completely breaching the facility cameras show the subject stretching, glancing at upwards, then seemingly shot into the sky. Approximately one hour later the subject reappeared inside the testing facility. Apologizing to the researchers, he unequipped the object and returned it to the table it was presented to him on. The results of weeks of testing and questioning revealed that the subject had become enlightened, in the religious sense of the word. All questions regarding the experience of his unobserved hour were answered with, "I don't think any spoken or written language can allow me to convey what you want." or that equivalent.

Subject was terminated in order to do a comprehensive study of his organs in autopsy; however, when the last of his life signs failed, the subject's corpse vanished in front of the eyes of 4 class 4 scientists 2 class 4 guards and 8 recording devices. 2 months later satellite imaging showed the subject's corpse, clad in an unknown purple garment, floating on the earth's exact orbit, on the exact opposite side of the sun.

Experiment Record-02: Upon donning the object subject haughtily began walking out of the facility. In contrast to Subject-01, Subject-02 used object to blow open blast doors rather than ghost through, tear guards apart rather than walk past. Upon breaching the facility subject looks to the sky in a manner similar to Subject-01; however a pillar of light, recorded blindingly bright on all wavelengths by instruments, fell on the subject and she proceeded to crumple into the fetal position and weep until the guards arrived to find subject sobbing curling her body around the device which had apparently detached. Satellite instruments have determined the ray of energy came from a small meteorite suspended in orbit which dissipated during the event.

Experiment Record-03: [ON SITE DATA LOST]
[SECONDARY BACKUP DATA]: 0824. Subject presented with object and instructions 0825. Subject expresses enthusiasm towards the potential of the object.

It is conjecture on the part of the reviewing researchers that the subject may not have had the physical or metal acuity to exercise the proper care in handling the object; and when he began to experiment with the object he triggered the release of atomic energy by way of the objects ability to spontaneously create matter and energy. The object was retrieved from the epicenter of the blast, suggesting an indestructible nature.

Experiment Record-04: Subject is on record as Lv4-92315, research protocol circumvented by quadruple O5 clearance. Subject attached object to arm and began to type rapidly at the symbols. Symbol patterns on the display screen showed drastically different patterns than previous subjects, who followed unique but similar patterns. Subject's extremities began to bulge, swell, and stretch, then thin and elongate, finally to tensed and hardened. Subject became violent, slaughtered personnel and demolished building single handedly.

Subject traveled across almost the entirety of █████, slaughtering as he went, completely unstoppable in the face of our current technology. Once surrounded by secondary termination team in the ruins of the testing facility, subject is enveloped in a pillar of light identical to the incident with Subject-02. Object unlatches from subject. Subject produces audible signs of distress and begins to run, pillar of light remains unbroken, causing mutilating wounds, until subject falls dead. Unidentified pillar of energy is sampled and recorded as it continues to inexplicably cause physical wounds on subject. Light dissipates, subject liquefied. Source of light is identified as an asteroid identical to the first, above Deimos, one of mars' moons.

Command Directives-05: Object reclassified Keter after repeated hostilities. O5-2

Command Directives-06: I am hereby implementing Lv4-002312 and Lv4-003001's new theoretical containment measures. I will be overriding O5 democratic methods and will thus be stepping down from my post to be terminated. O5-12

Command Directives-07: ███ █████ , previously O5-12, is to be used as a volunteer in the implementation of the IWS hardware, and not to be terminated. O5-10

Command Directives-08: In accordance with new procedures regarding SCP-160 all personnel known to be aware of artifact are to be terminated. O5-1. O5-2. O5-3. O5-4. O5-5. O5-6. O5-7. O5-8. O5-9. O5-10. O5-11.

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