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Item #: SCP-161

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-161 is to be stored in Locker #41C in the East Wing of Site-19. Any attempts to remove it (for experimentation or otherwise) must be authorized and witnessed by at least one Level 2 Personnel.

Description: SCP-161 appears to be an ordinary bulk-size pickle jar. It was recovered in March of 2005 from ██████, Texas. According to interviews, an employee at the local ███-████ department store discovered the item as a jar of pickles only half full of vinegar. Thinking to eat those pickles still submerged in vinegar, he took the item to the break room. After discarding the dried pickles and eating those still good, he proceeded to dump the vinegar out of the jar. According to witnesses, the jar displaced a much larger volume of liquid than appeared to be inside. Surprised by this, the employee dropped the jar, but it did not break. SCP agents were made aware of this when said employee tried to patent SCP-161's unbreakability without being able to reproduce it.

For all intents and purposes, SCP-161 is unbreakable, though tests show it is made of ordinary glass. Its original lid has been replaced by a hermetically resealable one. All attempts to break and/or destroy the jar (including detonation of a 3-kiloton nuclear device) have failed. As such, no broken glass hazards need be observed regarding SCP-161.

SCP-161 also seems to hold a potentially unlimited amount of liquid. Regardless of the amount of liquid placed inside SCP-161, it will always appear half-full (unless an insufficient amount of liquid to fill it to that level was put in). Moreover, the liquid placed in SCP-161 will remain at whatever temperature it held when poured in. In experiment 161-005, a firehose was placed inside SCP-161 and left on for six hours. After emptying the jar it was found to contain over 360,000 gallons (yet remained light enough that one Class D personnel could lift and carry it). Calculations put the gallons per minute at around 1005, which is equivalent to that of on site fire hoses.

All attempts to place solid matter into SCP-161 show it to behave like a normal jar. Only a finite amount of solid matter can be placed inside SCP-161. A Dr. █████ ██████ has suggested that given the unbreakable nature of SCP-161, it should be theoretically possible to compress gases into liquids within the jar, thereby making it possible to store gas in an infinite state (albeit in a different form). Dr. ██████ made reference to melted solid matter (water-infinite/ice finite, iron-finite/slag-infinite) as a basis for this theory. Approval pending.

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