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Item #: SCP-163

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-163 is located off the coast of Newfoundland, on a remote island. As it cannot be moved, Task Force Epsilon-3 has been dispatched to safeguard its position. Forces stationed currently have two (2) 6-meter cutters, disguised as Canadian Coast Guard vessels.

Description: SCP-163 resembles a small fishing vessel, roughly 4 meters in length, powered by an antique outboard motor. When in use, this motor generates a low, throbbing hum, as opposed to the expected high-decibel noise. The engine requires no fuel. When the vessel is occupied, activation of the motor results in what appears to be trans-dimensional travel.

Test Results

Test #1: A single Class-D person was placed in craft. Upon ignition of engine, person disappeared. Faint shrieks were heard. Water approximately 30 meters from shore suddenly turned bloodred, with organs floating at surface. Remains later identified as those of test subject.

Test #2: Visual recorder capable of pan-dimensional transmission placed aboard vessel. Upon disappearance, personnel monitoring transmission reported seeing a "hellish" landscape of black trees under a red sky. A large gargoyle-like creature is also reported as being perched in one of the black trees.

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