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Item #: SCP-164

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-164 is to remain in a fully sealed light proof box at all non-research times. Recommend that SCP be placed in a separate room without close contact to high traffic areas.

Description: SCP-164 appears to be a mirror, approximately 160 centimeters in height and 32 centimeters in width. The mirror component of SCP-164 is mounted on a backing of black wood approximately 2.4 centimeters thick, and is bordered by wood of the same type at the front, forming an ellipsoid shape.

SCP-164’s exact capabilities are unknown. Several abilities of SCP-164 have been established, however, through careful experimentation and initial reports. SCP-164 appears to inspire a variety of mental illness in those who spend significant periods of time within a radius of ten meters. Documented illnesses so far include paranoid schizophrenia, severe clinical depression and Da Costa’s syndrome.

The object also appears to cause, in some cases, mutation in the cellular structure of the body. This mutation has taken the shape of a condition resembling fatal familiar insomnia, the development of fangs, and in some cases, the development of secondary copies of vital organs. There has been one confirmed case of this mutation resulting in death – a young Caucasian male used for testing suffered alteration of the skull, with a large bone spur growing into his grey matter and shredding his midbrain, resulting in the cessation of respiration.

There have been three confirmed cases of SCP-164 ‘possessing’ individuals, all of whom have been observed to begin worshiping the object, and attempting to shine light on it. All three individuals refused to step out of the room and were terminated by the guard detachment, and their bodies destroyed.

SCP-164’s effective radius increases temporarily when exposed to light. Experiments have shown that one minute of one candlepower unit of light will result in a two centimeter expansion of the field surrounding SCP-164. Maximum range appears to be two hundred meters.

Document #001-A:

SCP-164 was recovered from a small building in a mining complex, located in Slovensk, Russia. The complex had been completely subverted by the object, and following recovery was burnt to the ground and all employees terminated. Total losses sustained during the recovery operation by retrieval Task Force Epsilon-4: 3 dead, two wounded and subsequently dead.

Document #002-A:

One of the guards went insane today. Thomas Calhoun. For some reason nothing showed up in any of the tests for months before this, not a single sign the object was beginning to affect him. Maybe it's getting stronger.

We had to put him down. I injected the morphine overdose myself.

-Dr. ████ Loomer

Document #003-A:

During today’s light exposure experiment, there was a thunderstorm outside. The mirror stopped reflecting the candle and the field shrank back to its usual size. The energy discharge in the atmosphere must interfere with the field somehow. Maybe it’s electromagnetic in nature..
Regardless of the implications such a possibility would have, we now have a potential safe window for the maintenance and attempted destruction of SCP-164.

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