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Item #: SCP-166

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-166 is mainly peaceful, and can be kept safely in a minimal security environment. Her physical strength is greater than an average human of similar size and weight so reinforced doors and exterior locks remain necessary. Observation windows must be misted, allowing only vague details left visible from either side. SCP-166 is content to remain in her room as long as she is provided with entertainment such as books and drawing utensils. She has also recently gained an affinity for video games. Male staff are forbidden from entering the direct vicinity of SCP-166, including observing the contents of the room by real time video surveillance. To avoid accidental exposure all cameras feed to the observation room at a three second delay. **

Description: SCP-166 was originally obtained in a convent in Cornwall, England. The nuns had been keeping her happy with access to vast [DATA EXPUNGED] within. The elder sisters claimed SCP-166 was the offspring of an elder creature of far greater powers than her offspring, but attempts to locate the mother have [DATA EXPUNGED] to date. SCP-166 appears as a slender female human of about 16-18 years. Her hair grows at a very advanced rate, around 3 inches a month, but is otherwise physically normal. Her skin is noticeably pale, even after exposure to sunlight. She refuses to wear clothing and is thus always seen totally naked. Her strength is comparable to that of a fully grown man, and her resilience similarly proves impressive for her size. She is particularly vulnerable, however, to aerosol fumes and cigarette smoke, which send her into fits of coughing and symptoms similar to asthma.

SCP-166 has an incredible power over males. Upon eye contact SCP-166 can directly control any male she sees fit, to almost any end. Nothing short of personal bodily harm will force the man back to his senses. SCP-166 could easily, for example, control a male into opening her secure environment, as well as any others nearby, and command him to place a gun to his superior officer's back and pull the trigger. SCP-166 does not however, seem to be malicious in any way.

SCP-166 is sustained entirely on human male semen, which she would normally obtain by her powers over the minds of a desirable male. Fresh quantities are procured for her by the staff. Jokes about the origins of this are to be punished with suspension from the project for a full week.

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