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Item #: SCP-176

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-176 is to be kept in a 5m by 5m, completely symmetrical, stainless steel room in a completely symmetrical stainless steel cube. There is to be at least one guard outside the door at all times; anyone trying to gain entrance without permission shall be handled with extreme prejudice. Any personnel who view SCP-176 are to be taken into intensive psychological care immediately; any Class-D personnel with lasting mental damage are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-176 resides on a small postcard showing a cartoon bear with the words Have a Bear-ific Birthday! printed on it. SCP-176 itself is a non-corporeal being with the apparent ability to reside in any work of aesthetic value. Upon entering said work, SPC-176 will alter the work to make any asymmetry just apparent enough to cause significant mental distress as the viewer tries to work out "what's wrong" with the work. This can lead to severe psychosis, depression, and even suicide, though death is most common due to severe blood loss from a subject gouging out their own eyes to gain relief. The response is similer to severe OCD, with subjects feeling like the flaws are on their own body and that fixing it will cause relief.
SCP-176 cannot leave any work it resides in until it has fed on enough mental anguish to grow larger and move to a new work.


SCP-176 is to be moved from Site-██ in France to Site-██ in Kansas after Incident 176-A in which it became attached to Agent ████’s cufflinks and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The curator of the Louvre was given an amnesiac and the ████ ████ was replaced by an identical copy.

Any persons attempting to introduce SCP-085 to 176 will be reassigned to Keter duty. What is wrong with you people? The poor girl has it bad enough without some crazy imp trying to destroy her! -Dr. ████

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