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Item #: SCP-177

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the safe level of the object, SCP-177 is to be contained in Dr. S. Calib's room, to be moved only at his direction, or at that of a Level 4 Administrator.

Description: An eight (8) by eight (8) square standard chess board, with eight (8) white pawns, eight (8) black pawns, two (2) white rooks, two (2) black rooks, two (2) white knights, two (2) black knights, two (2) white bishops, two (2) black bishops, one (1) white queen, one (1) black queen, one (1) white king, and one (1) black king. The black pieces all cannot be moved—a force of one (1) metric ton was put on each piece, all resulting in no movement. The white pieces can be moved with ease. Upon moving a white piece, the white pieces become unmovable, until black moves. The black pieces "move on their own", and cannot be moved by any human. No radio or frequencies of any kind have been picked up coming from the chess board (telekinetic and telepathic frequencies pending tests). Upon winning, black pieces 'dance' while the white pieces all fall down, as if dead. White winning is currently indeterminable (see the footnote and Document 177-A).

Additional: The object was found at a pawn shop, unwittingly bought by Dr. S. Calib on ██/██/20██, at █████████, █████c. He only discovered its powers later, and brought it to his workplace, Site-██. The black side has never lost a game (see document 177-A).

Document 177-A: I admit I've never been a wizard at chess, but I've tried using one of those chess computers that humans can't even beat, and the board still prevailed. I don't think we have to worry what happens if someone wins. If someone does win, and something does happen, then we'll upgrade it to Euclid or Keter, but for now, I don't think we should upgrade a chessboard to Euclid and move it to a containment room, like SOME people have proposed. -Dr. S. Calib

Note: SCP-108 has shown interest in this particular object and has requested its use. Testing pending approval. // Update: SCP-108 was neutralized before testing could be performed. Dr. Brannick

Addendum 177-AA: At ██:██ █M on March 29, ████, SCP-177, while engaged in a game with Agent ██████, executed rook b7 to a7 takes bishop as part of its strategy. At the time this did not seem unusual to the Agent. Standard scheduled cryptographic analysis of the board's plays has revealed that this move happened at approximately the time of death of Dr. Bishop. It is tentatively recommended SCP-177 never put in contact with SCP-808. Moot.

Addendum 177-AAA: It seems statistically unlikely that both SCPs mentioned in conjunction with playing against SCP-177 were soon thereafter neutralized. Therefore, it may prove fruitful to add other humanoid SCPs scheduled for termination to the player roster.

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