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Item #: SCP-179

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-179 is to be kept in an airtight room with an airlock so that no gasses emitted from the object can spread outside its containment. All personnel entering SCP-179's containment room are to wear airtight suits with a one hour's supply of oxygen equipped to the suit. No personnel or observing scientists are to ever remove SCP-179 from containment room. Should anyone attempt to remove SCP-179 from containment facility, perpetrator is to executed immediately and SCP-179 placed back in containment room as soon as possible. Should SCP-179 be activated outside of containment room, all ventilation shafts are to be locked down immediately and the immediate sector locked down for up to 2 hours. Retrieval team may then enter locked sector and return SCP-179 to containment room.

Description: SCP-179 appears to be a normal aerosol canister with "Febreze AIR effects" labeled on the side. Object has a trigger on the top end that can be squeezed normally to emit various forms of deadly gas. It should be noted that the type of gas emitted changes in the canister at random intervals. Three types of deadly gasses have been recorded to be commonly expelled from SCP-179 but observation has revealed that on occasion the type of deadly gas will change from the normal three. The print below the label that describes the type of gas emitted from SCP-179 along with the color scheme will change in accordance to the type of gas being emitted as follows:

  • Winds & Springtime - Chlorine Gas (common)
  • Meadows & Rain - Mustard Gas (common)
  • Citrus & Light Scent - Nerve Gas (common)
  • Berries & Paradise - Phosgene Gas (uncommon)
  • Apple Spice - Cyanide Gas (rare)
  • Morning Dew - Hydrochloric Gas (rare)

Additional: SCP-179 was found in the city of ████ ████████, United States in the small home of a family. All occupants and pets were found deceased due to SCP-179 and after an autopsy and chemical analysis of the bodies, all revealed to have heavy traces of Cyanide Gas in each corpse. The Foundation was contacted and a retrieval team equipped with HAZMAT suits was sent into the home where SCP-179 was recovered and brought to Site ██ where under observation, the abilities of SCP-179 were revealed.

After constant testing and attempted extermination, SCP-179 has never run out of any form of gas that it has exhibited and has proved impossible to destroy. Several attempts, including incineration in 4000 Kelvins and a round from an M82 Barret 50. Calibur Sniper Rifle have yielded no damage to the canister or the contents inside. It has thus been concluded that SCP-179 is indestructible by current means and will thus remain in containment for further observation.

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