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Item #: SCP-182

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-182 is to be kept in a room 60 m x 70 m, with any furnishings SCP-182 requests. SCP-182 has asked to be given a bed about 3 m in length, the width of an average twin bed. SCP-182 does not require sheets, only two blankets and two pillows. SCP-182 has requested that his room be kept at an average temperature of 15.5°C (the reasons for this are assumed to be as simple as SCP-182 preferring it cold) and has also requested that the walls of the room be painted a pale daffodil yellow. Requests have all been granted. SCP-182 is to be fed three meals per day.

SCP-182 is reasonably free to leave his room as he wishes, provided he informs at least two (2) staff of at least Level 2 Security Clearance and is accompanied for the duration of the time by one (1) staff member of at least level 2-security. SCP-182 prefers to be referred to as "Saint"; precaution must be taken to do so in order to avoid unstable moods.

Description: SCP-182 appears to be a fairly average Caucasian male about seventeen (17) years of age. SCP-182 has remained at the facility for upwards of █ years, but has not aged in any apparent fashion. When asked about this quality, SCP-182 has noted that it aged normally prior to its containment. SCP-182 is approximately 2 m tall (about 6 ft 6 in) and weighs approximately 68 kg (150 lb). SCP-182 must eat, drink, exercise, sleep, etc.; all the functions of a “normal” human being. The only anomalous properties SCP-182 displays are his apparent anti-aging properties and the ability to read thoughts, on both a conscious and unconscious level. According to SCP-182, he did not always possess this ability, which was caused by some sort of "accident", though the subject refuses to elaborate on the matter.

According to the subject, he must be at least in the same room as someone to read their thoughts. He must actively seek to do so, though he claims that he may accidentally "catch" a “stray thought” while not trying. It should be noted that the Foundation has no ability to ensure if this information is accurate, and it should be noted that SCP-182 has displayed abilities beyond these limits on a couple of occasions.

SCP-182 is usually amiable and highly enjoys conversation, but is prone to emotional instability, often overreacting to situations. SCP-182 has been known to enter stages where he is “moody” and will sit on his bed, becoming inert and simply glaring at the wall until simply lying down and going to sleep. SCP-182 does not remember these days, but on the following days reports an increased level of happiness. It has been suggested that when SCP-182 is “moody” he is purging his mind of all the negative feelings building up in him due to the many thoughts he inevitably hears daily.

Addendum 182-1: To note, SCP-182 was willingly taken by the Foundation, though how he knew about its existence remains a mystery. According to ███ ███████, who was a Level-3 research scientist on a short leave to be with his birthing wife at the time, SCP-182 was walking by when he suddenly stopped, rushed up to ███ ███████ and said, “You can help me! I belong in your custody.” This event transpired in the city of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 182-2. To date, SCP-182 has requested:

  • 100 books (his favorite author being Chuck Palahniuk, of his own admission)
  • 500 movies (his favorite genre being horror/thriller, especially those involving zombies)
  • One (1) iPod (pink) with a set playlist that SCP-182 designed which is to be delivered and taken away at 06:00 and 23:00 daily
  • Upwards of four-hundred (400) pornographic films by title (denied) (how SCP-182 had memorized the titles of nearly 400 individual films is under speculation, it having to do with his abilities has not been ruled out)
  • A TV with a set list of channels of SCP-182’s own choosing (denied)
  • A TV only capable of viewing movies on both VHS and DVD
  • One (1) computer with internet access (denied)
  • One (1) computer with at least access to Microsoft Word
  • And to date upwards of 70 sketchbooks, 700 regular #2 pencils, 30 spiral bound college-rule notebooks in varying colours, and 1000 pencil-top erasers (all of which were requested to be yellow)

Addendum 182-3: It has been suggested that SCP-182 be used as a “translator” with other SCPs who appear capable of thought, but not of communication. SCP-182 has, as of ██th ███ 200█ turned this offer down, with given reason as ‘I feel uneasy around any of the other SCPs, regardless of thought functions and ability displayed by SCP.’

Addendum 182-4: Mention of SCP-173, whether aloud or in thought, in the vicinity of SCP-182, has caused subject to promptly stop speaking, even in mid word, and begin crying and sobbing uncontrollably, before entering a "moody" stage for the rest of the “cycle”. The cycle, it should be noted, ends once the sun either sets or rises, depending on its location when his “moody” fit started. Once one of these events occurs, he promptly snaps out of it. The reasons why are unknown, as SCP-182 has no recollections of when he is “moody.” Also, SCP-182 has claims to have never seen SCP-173, and has passed every polygraph taken with this statement.

Addendum 182-5: SCP-182 has, inexplicably, become infatuated with SCP-076-2, despite never having seen "Able" in either physical or photographic form. Though once claiming to speak with SCP-076, when asked how, SCP-182 refuses to comment. These claims, if true, imply that SCP-182 is not only able to read thoughts, but to speak telepathically. To date, the only creature SCP-182 has apparently spoken to is SCP-076-2. When asked, SCP-182 denies knowledge or possession of this ability.

Addendum 182-6: Dr. Gears has filed a request to attempt to use SCP-182 to communicate with SCP-682 and other sentient SCP. Request is pending approval, as concerns have been raised about the effect of contact with SCP-682 on SCP-182, and about the highly adaptable nature of SCP-682. When asked about his willingness for this event to occur, SCP-182 laughed, saying, "I wouldn't even go near Josie for two weeks after getting here. If I can catch a thought while outside his containment center, I'll consider it, but I am not going in under any circumstances."

Addendum 182-8: Testing is underway to stop SCP-182's abilities from functioning on personnel. Abstaining from SCP-182's presence thus far seems to be the only fail proof solution. Testing is difficult, as it is currently not understood how SCP-182's abilities work. SCP-182 has, since testing began, refused to answer any questions, and will only speak the thoughts he is reading as his end of the experiment. The reasons for SCP-182's sudden and recent unwillingness to answer questions is unknown; however, SCP-343 joked that, 'maybe Saint and Able broke up?' When questioned, neither subject would answer pertaining to one another.

Addendum 182-09: SCP-182 stated that 'what SCP-058 says makes perfect sense to me, and I'm surprised that you smart guys don't get it.' Subsequently, it was finally decided that any staff with any sort of knowledge involving classified or Keter class SCPs are to be isolated from SCP-182. Someone as obviously unstable as SCP-182 having this knowledge yields dangerous and unpredictable results.

Addendum 182-10: SCP-781 has made numerous pleas to meet SCP-182. Due to SCP-781's refusal to state the reason for this desire, all requests have been denied. When SCP-182 was asked if he knew anything about the matter, Saint denied knowledge of the situation and refused further comments.

Addendum 182-11: [Unusual Telepathic Reach]
“Exactly one week after entering the facility of his own accord SCP-182 suddenly stopped what he was saying, stood still for approximately 30 seconds, and then asked to see ‘████ ███’, who was a Level-4 professor at the time. SCP-182 refused to even acknowledge any questions until ████ ███ arrived. Upon this, SCP-182 leaned close to ████ ███ and began whispering in his ear. According to ████ ███, SCP-182 said, ‘It’s okay, ████, they’ll forgive you.’ And then, as an afterthought, ‘And thanks, but no thanks.’ ████ ███ says that he was worried about missing his kids’ birthday (he has twins), and to the latter statement, ████ ███ simply blushes, and will give no response. ████ ███ has since been terminated.
SCP-182 has no recollection of any event after he stopped answering questions, and immediately following the event he simply started speaking again.” – Scientific log of Dr. ████████

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