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The airplane

Item #: SCP-188

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-188 is to be kept in a 10m x 4m x 3m room with various hoops, cubes, spheres, and other obstacles on stands or hung from the ceiling, including three landing platforms. It is to be kept away from water, fire, or anything else that would damage normal paper.

Description: SCP-188 is to all appearances a normal folded paper glider. However, when launched or dropped, it is capable of true flight, able to climb, bank, dive, and otherwise maneuver irrespective of air currents. In testing, SCP-188 shows an awareness of its surroundings, and demonstrates behaviours that might be considered evidence of a sense of fun. Its longest confirmed time aloft to date is 175 hours, in a three-dimensional obstacle course and maze. Its flight became erratic at this time, and it landed on a large cube. SCP needed approximately ten hours to rest before it began to fly again when launched; prior to that time it simply glided in the manner of a normal paper airplane.

History: Agent T█████ first observed this obect in V████████, ██████ on ████ ██, ████, flying slightly uphill. She followed the SCP into a large public garden, and was able to catch it by use of [DATA EXPUNGED].

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