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SCP-188-a: Safe
SCP-188-b: Euclid
SCP-188-c: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-188-a is currently in a converted room- #██- of Research Command-06. It has been furnished with a number of items in early Grecian style, including a reclining couch, a low table and a number of replica tapestries and rugs. SCP-188-a has also requested, and been granted, a radio, which has been placed upon a pedestal in the middle of the room.

Description: SCP-188-a was discovered during routine exploration of SCP-167. Initially threatening and extremely cautious, once a researcher familiar with ancient Greek was located and introduced to SCP-188, all hostility vanished, replaced with relief and amazement- not to mention a torrent of speech.

SCP-188 is a human male of Mediterranean descent and appears to be in his late teens. He is of excellent musculature and bone structure and, in general, is simply in amazingly good shape. He has tested well within human norms of strength, agility, endurance, coordination and intelligence, exhibiting an I.Q. of 122 (a margin of error has been suggested as it was taken through an interpreter), and tends towards the high end of each category. He exhibits extensive knowledge of Greek history predating the fall of the Minoan culture and its subsequent absorption into Mycenean Greece, though he has trouble understanding why we refer to the events as "history." SCP-188 refers to himself as "Theseus."

"Theseus" has expressed a marked interest in assisting with the exploration and mapping of SCP-167, and has corrected several mistakes in the organization's databases by memory alone. He attests that he has spent an extraordinarily long time within SCP-167 and had committed a large portion of the passageways to memory, using SCP-188-b to ensure his return to a "home" point where he kept a collection of interesting items. He had been leaving "useless" (boring would be a more apt description) items at the periphery of his familiar territory, and had come investigating when they started going missing. This turned out to be where a number of the SCP artifacts discovered within SCP-167 came from, namely [DATA EXPUNGED]. Ironically, his storehouse contained absolutely no other Euclid or Keter class SCPs besides SCP-188-b and SCP-188-c; he had thought all the other items uninteresting.

Addendum 188-a-01: It should be noted that SCP-188-a has shown absolutely no need to eat or drink. It is assumed he needs to breath, but due to his cooperation with the further investigation of SCP-167, any tests as to his vital functions are postponed.

Addendum 188-b-01: SCP-188-b is a fist-sized ball of thread. One end of the thread is tied around "Theseus's" right wrist (he appears to be left-handed), and he has proven extremely opposed to its removal. If removal is requested, he refuses politely, then more firmly, and quickly becomes angry following, threatening the belligerent person(s) with SCP-188-c. Tests have proven the thread to be made of an unknown metallic alloy.

Addendum 188-a-02: One D-class personnel was successful in untying the end of SCP-188-b from SCP-188-a's wrist. "Theseus" awoke immediately and killed the offending personnel, then frantically reattached the thread to his wrist. SCP-188-a visibly aged in the time the thread was removed from his body- approximately five years in the space of a minute- but slowly returned to his previous age after reattachment of SCP-188-b.

Addendum 188-c-01: SCP-188-c is a short, bladed weapon typical of Grecian weaponry at the time that "Theseus" exhibits knowledge of. The pommel is ornamented with the crude head of a bull. Its blade is perpetually sharp and bears deep red stains up its blade in a manner consistent with blood spatter. No genetic material has been found on the blade and its materials are, similar to SCP-188-b, of an unknown origin.

Addendum 188-a-03: Radiocarbon accelerator dating on a genetic sample taken from SCP-188-a has confirmed his origin from the time period his memory marks. Several methods had to be attempted, as any tissue or fluid sample taken from "Theseus" decays to its natural age within minutes.

Addendum 188-c-02: SCP-188-c is to be left in SCP-188-a's possession at all times- any personnel attempting to remove it from his possession are to be terminated and SCP-188-c returned to "Theseus" at the first possible opportunity. When in contact with subjects not connected to SCP-188-b, the subject exhibits gradually increased aggressiveness, a feral disposition and posture, a dominant attitude and- after a period of thirty minutes- responds to any and all attempts to exercise authority upon the subject with violence. To further complicate matters, SCP-188-c is not just permanently sharp, but preternaturally so- it has proven able to cut any and all mundane materials presented to SCP-188-a, save its scabbard. Living material reacts as normal to the blade.

Caution- removal of SCP-188-c's influence does not return affected subjects to normal. Application of SCP-188-b's effects can temporarily subdue its effects, but removal of SCP-188-b's influence immediately reverts the subject to the state of crazed, animalistic rage. As it is impractical to tie the other end of SCP-188-b to anything but the entrance to SCP-167, several class D personnel have been terminated as a result of ill-advised kleptomanic acts.

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