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An in-depth investigation of SCP-189's history has been launched, headed by Agent ███ ████████, particularly with regards to a hypothetical connection to SCP-190. Reports pending.

Item #: SCP-189

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-189 does not require unique containment facilities. It is currently stored in a locked, labeled file cabinet in Sector 19. Access may be attained by submitting a requisition form to Dr. ██████████, in charge of research on the device.

Description: SCP-189 is approximately can-shaped, coated in brightly-colored plastic, and is a little over 20cm (8in) high. Four jointed limbs extend from the base of the can, raising it above the ground and allowing it mobility in any direction; a red rounded lid is elevated about three millimeters above the can and may be either pressed into the can itself or rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise; there are two blue buttons on the underside (amidst the legs); a panel on one side opens with the aid of a screwdriver to reveal a compartment into which may be inserted two standard AA-batteries which SCP-189 requires for power. There are no sharp edges anywhere on the device. The device is hollow internally, possessing an enclosed cavity within which is a light rod which bounces frequently to indicate particular notches when SCP-189 is moved, a highly-developed gear box and motor system that controls the legs, and a small circuit board attached to the battery case, the motor, and the walls of the rod cavity.

SCP-189 becomes operative once powered with two AA-batteries. Various noises are emitted when the buttons and lid are pressed and twisted. When both buttons are pressed (in either order) and the lid is rotated within a certain duration after this, the legs begin to move at random, propelling the device in an arbitrary "Drunkard's Walk" around the room. This behavior ceases when the lid is again pressed or twisted.

While to all appearances the device resembles nothing more than a somewhat uniquely-shaped child's plaything, SCP-189 possesses two unusual properties that distinguish it. First, once it has been activated, it appears to have the capacity to teleport when it is not being directly observed; the location and distance from its starting point appear to be entirely random, though it will not leave an enclosed space unless there is a hole which it would be able to pass through normally. During this time it cannot be tracked either by eye or photographic devices, though laser trackers, photocells and pressure sensors have all been successful at determining the point and time of both disappearance and reappearance. No explanation exists for this phenomenon at present, but it is probably quantum.

The other property appears to govern SCP-189's behavior both before and after it is activated. While it is almost certainly not sapient, SCP-189 appears to possess an unusual empathic connection to those within its immediate vicinity. The duration of time during which the buttons must be pressed and the lid twisted for the legs to activate appears to be much shorter for those experiencing positive emotions - described by subjects as including happiness, euphoria, cheeriness, or peace - and longer for those experiencing negative emotions such as anger, sullenness, discomfort, or sadness. Once the legs begin moving and the device is set down, the random walk that follows seems to guide the device closer to those members of the observers who are experiencing negative emotions (approximately 73% of the time, according to tests), and all observers reported a "lightening of spirits" or "feeling of happiness" following all experiments. Thus, the research team deems it permissible for SCP-189 to be used as a counseling device for personnel when it is not being used.

SCP-189 was found at a garage sale and subsequently became a minor news item once its teleportation abilities were discovered. (Its empathic features are considerably subtler and were not reported.) Operatives obtained the device shortly thereafter.

Addendum: Dr. ██████████ has filed an analysis of the chemical composition of the plastic. While SCP-189 functions ordinarily without having taken superficial (i.e. exterior) damage, it does not exhibit its peculiar properties when the plastic shell has been pierced. Fortunately, restoring these properties is a simple task accomplished by replacing the missing portion of the shell with fresh plastic and, when absolutely necessary, ███.

Addendum: Attempted replicas SCP-189-01 through -13 made by Dr. ██████████ do not possess the properties of the original SCP despite being identical in all measurable ways. The replicas will be stored together in the drawer immediately underneath SCP-189 and similarly locked.

Memo: Operation: Child's Play
SCP-189 is to be transferred semi-permanently to CF-190 for comparison experiments on it and SCP-190. Dr. ██████████ will be supervising personally. He is to be accompanied by two assistants and a token guard as escort, along with whatever equipment Dr. ██████████ deems necessary or suitable.

Addendum: Operation: Child's Play phase 1 concluded
Contrary to expectations, SCP-189 and SCP-190 produced extremely volatile reactions on their environment when brought into each others presence, including violent physical rejection of SCP-189 from SCP-190 accompanied by what has been described as a "psychic bomb". Investigation is to begin into the history of both SCPs, but in the meantime SCP-189 is to be returned to Sector 19 to prevent further incident.

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