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With the recent acquisition of SCP-189, an in-depth investigation of SCP-190's history (including possible creation of SCP-189 through use of SCP-190) has been launched, headed by Agent ███ ████████ and Dr. ██████████.

Please see Dr. ██████████'s Test Notes for the most recent information concerning the results of Phase I.



Operation: Child's Play (#190-189-01) has been authorized.

UPDATE — [09.01.2007 00:09]

Current status: Preliminary.
Current operations:

  • Transportation of SCP-189 to CF-190 is underway.
  • Preparations are being made on-site at CF-190 to receive SCP-189.
  • Security clearance levels elevated to D-level.
  • Security staff increased from ██ to 116 personnel.

UPDATE — [09.02.2007 08:54]

Current status: Phase I initiated.
Current operations:

  • Transportation of SCP-189 completed without incident. Dr. ██████████, along with his two assistants, have arrived at CF-190 along with SCP-189.
  • Dr. ██████████ and Agent ███ ████████ have assumed co-project manager status.
  • Lab preparations at CF-190 completed, experimentation to begin shortly.
  • Security clearance and personnel levels to remain unchanged until testing concluded, or ordered otherwise.
  • Preliminary experiments will involve testing any possible resonance between SCP-189 and SCP-190. Experiment notes to be released at a later date upon conclusion of testing.

UPDATE — [██.██.████ 09:00]

Current status: Phase I completed. Phase II initiation pending 05-level clearance.
Current operations:

  • Preliminary testing concluded.
  • Cleanup crews have been admitted into the testing facility following a █-day hiatus (a direct result of [DATA EXPUNGED]).
  • Dr. ██████████ and Agent ███ ████████ have requested offiste 05-level clearance to proceed with testing. Given the results of preliminary testing and abrupt end to Phase I, Phase II's outlook remains indeterminable.
  • ██ security personnel and facility staff have been replaced following [DATA EXPUNGED].

UPDATE — [██.██.████ 16:32]

Current status: Phase II initiation clearance denied. Operation Child's Play suspended indefinitely.
Current operations:

  • Testing equipment previously destroyed or damaged in the operation has been replaced and/or repaired.
  • SCP-189 is to be transported back to Sector-19 with an escort of [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Dr. ██████████ is to return with the SCP for further questioning regarding the nature of his decisions.
  • All experimentation is indefinitely suspended.

Test Notes — recorded by Dr. ██████████, submitted ██.██.████:

"Initial exploration of a connection between SCP-189 and SCP-190 could be described as tentative, at best. Given SCP-190's highly reactive history, we were hesitant to take steps too rapidly. However, upon observing the interaction between the two objects, we soon were emboldened by the taste of success. Both SCPs emitted impossible amounts of alpha- and beta-wave like transmissions, increasing in both amplitude and frequency exponentially the closer they were—waves almost identical to those waves emitted by the human brain during a natural sleep/dream cycle! This opens up new frontiers of possibility (connections to dream-related SCPs?), and could help explain the seemingly empathic nature of SCP-189.

'Woe and misfortune to the eager scientist—for it is he who dooms us all,' an old colleague of mine used to say, curbing my rampant enthusiasm for progress for the sake of safety. Would that he had been there that fateful day when we tried to place SCP-189 back inside SCP-190.

Though the necessary precautions were taken, we lurched headlong towards our own inevitable destruction with reckless disregard for protocol. I am as guilty of this as any (and likely more than most), and not proud, but this is my duty—to report upon what transpired here. After seeing the preliminary effects of each SCPs proximity to the other, Agent ███ ████████ and I resolved to place SCP-189 back inside SCP-190. The results were catastrophic. Nearly half of our measuring equipment was utterly obliterated, several personnel (including myself and Agent ███ ████████) were injured… and even more lay dead. Upon placing SCP-189 into SCP-190, the alpha- and beta- waves rose to such intensity and frequency that it debilitated all personnel within a three hundred meter radius. Dozens of personnel and staff (of whom preliminary background checks have revealed alleged "weaker" mental states) were immediately killed, and a handful more injured.

After the initial "psychic shockwave" following the conjoining of the two SCPs, a second physical shockwave shook CF-190 to its foundations, nearly setting off the failsafe charges. This second shockwave ejected SCP-189 from SCP-190 to a distance forty meters away. After a brief hiatus to ensure no residual psychic energies or contaminants lingered near the testing area, Agent ███ ████████ and myself suspended testing, and declared Phase I complete. I have documented the results of the testing here, and enclosed is a formal request for green-light status on Phase II, Secondary Extensive Testing. I understand the strain that it will put on the Foundation's resources; however, given the nature of reaction caused by these SCPs together, they pose a possible Keter-level threat as a "psychic bomb", and as such, must be researched to determine further containment procedures."

Dr. ██████████

Item #: SCP-190

Object Class: Euclid

Forenote: For definition within this file only, an "adult" is defined as a human being of thirteen years or older. Conversely, a "child" is defined as a human being younger than thirteen.

Special Containment Procedures: Despite the seemingly innocuous nature of SCP-190, extreme measures must be taken to ensure it is not opened by a child. Due to SCP-190's apparent immobility (see Appendix #190-A for more information), a containment facility has been erected around its location in ██████ ████████, disguised as a small corporate office building. SCP-190 is located in the center of this construct, under permanent security vigilance.

Should SCP-190 ever be opened by a child under thirteen years of age, security protocol SCP-190-P/1 dictates that the child be immediately neutralized, either through the use of deadly force or (preferably) a sedative. If the child retrieves any object from within SCP-190 that makes neutralization improbable or impossible, protocol SCP-190-P/2 orders the remote detonation of the facility via four explosive charges attached to the building's foundations.

Description: SCP-190 is a small, ornately carved wooden box, of dimensions 50 centimeters wide by 70 centimeters long by 35 centimeters deep (50 cm x 70 cm x 35 cm). The carvings on the top and sides of the box depict a parade of exotic animals, including lions, elephants, tigers, and panthers. There is nothing special about the engraved animal figures, save for the level of detail achieved. Each beast appears remarkably realistic, and several personnel assigned to surveillance duty have claimed to see them move [Note: see Appendix #190-B for Dr. █████████'s personal notes on these phenomena].
When opened by an adult, SCP-190 contains:

  • Fourteen (14) marbles of assorted size and color (SCP-190-1 through SCP-190-14)
  • Two (2) sticks of lightly used blackboard chalk (SCP-190-15 and SCP-190-16)
  • One (1) deck of playing cards (SCP-190-17)

None of these items appear abnormal, and testing has revealed that they are, in fact, commonplace.

SCP-190's unique behavior only manifests when it is opened by a child; upon opening SCP-190, the child appears to be granted any toy he or she wishes. These "toys" may range from manifestations of invisible companions to a simple rubber ball, but the potential for danger is quite apparent (see TR#190.1.04). SCP-190 is extremely dangerous, not because of its lethality, but rather its potential for chaos.

01.23.1915 - Dr. █████████ investigates reports of unusual activity in ██████ ████████.
01.25.1915 - Dr. █████████ discovers SCP-190; Extraction Squad Theta dispatched to recover SCP-190.
01.29.1915 - After several days of unsuccessful attempts to extradite SCP-190, 05-level Administrator clearance is given to construct containment facility.
01.31.1915 - Construction of CF-190 begins.
02.14.1915 - Dr. █████████ begins examination of SCP-190 and discovers SCP-190-1 through SCP-190-17 (see Appendix 190-B for Dr. █████████'s personal examination notation).
03.01.1915 - CF-190 assumes "Fully Operational" status. Extensive testing of SCP-190 initiated.
03.04.1915 - First child subject (henceforth, SCP-190-CAS01) opens SCP-190, creating SCP-190-18.
03.05.1915 - SCP-190-CAS02 exposed to SCP-190 resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].
03.08.1915 - SCP-190-CAS03 opens SCP-190; personnel casualties include [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-190-CAS03 eliminated.
03.09.1915 - Administrator 057-GAMMA (codename: Wrath) suspends testing with child subjects.
09.17.19██ - 057-GAMMA orders testing to be resumed.
09.18.19██ - [DATA EXPUNGED] nineteen (19) casualties.
09.18.19██ - 057-GAMMA permanently terminates testing.

Test Reports — Personal Notations of Dr. █████████
TR#190.1.01 [03.04.1915] — "My son ██████ has expressed an interest in opening SCP-190, and I, having previously classified it as "Safe", was granted permission to allow him to do so (under experimental settings, of course). To my great astonishment, when he reached within "The Toybox" as I have come to name it, he produced a small red rubber ball—SCP-190-18. He giggled in delight and set off to play with his new "toy". Further analysis detected massive quantities of anomalous ion radiation, suggesting supernatural properties. Further investigation to come."
TR#190.1.02 [03.05.1915] — "My daughter, ███, upon seeing ██████'s new toy, demanded to look inside SCP-190. Reluctantly, I agreed. [DATA EXPUNGED] kill my own daughter!"
TR#190.1.03 [03.06.1915] — "…begged 057-GAMMA to suspend testing on child subjects after ███'s horrendous [DATA EXPUNGED]… but to no avail! Alas, I am to test on a new subject, ████████, and observe and record the results… [ILLEGIBLE] …same way as ███; we were forced to dispatch ████████ after his "toy" tore through fifteen armed personnel before it was finally eradicated. I have sent in a formal resignation to 057-GAMMA, also requesting the termination of the SCP-190 Experimental Testing Project."
TR#190.1.04 [09.17.19██] — "Received a letter of reinstatement today from 057-GAMMA, ordering the testing of five new subjects. At once. This is madness! Who knows what whimsical fancy or creature that demon toybox could spawn?! I have sent ██████ away with his father, and I can only pray that I survive this maniacal experiment.

#190-A: On the intractability of SCP-190
"SCP-190 appears to be immovable by any human being over the age of 13. Our most intense efforts could not budge what a mere child could pick up. However, given the risk associated with SCP-190, it is ill-advised to have a young child relocate it. As such, I formally request a containment facility to be built on-location in ██████ ████████ to further facilitate investigation of SCP-190." — Dr. █████████

#190-B: On the apparent movement of SCP-190's carvings
"Today I observed a strange phenomenon. I was glancing back and forth between SCP-190 and some reference documents, trying to determine of what origin it was, when a faint trace of movement caught my eye. The engraved animals on the front of SCP-190 appeared to be moving, but only in my peripheral vision! Upon further investigation, I discovered that the animals did, indeed, change physical position within the two-dimensional confines of SCP-190. While fascinating, this phenomenon seemed to have no relevance to SCP-190's true purpose, other than as a mere parlor trick, to entertain babes and fools."

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