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SCP-192 as it was when discovered.

Item #: SCP-192

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-192 is to be kept in a six by six meters locked room (but see also Addendum 02). Any mattress used with it should be incinerated afterward as a precautionary measure. No mattress or comparable object may be placed on it while active experiments are not being performed. The room shall also be monitored via security camera around the clock to ensure these measures are enforced and prevent malicious abuse. Any attempts at obscuring the camera for more than five seconds while a mattress is in the room will lead to the termination of all in the room at the time.

Description: SCP-192 is a relatively nondescript wooden single-size bed frame made of a headboard, footboard, side rails and slats. The wood appears to be beech, but the varnish is made of unknown compounds. No maker's brands or identifying marks are visible anywhere. The bed is pieced via a knock-down method and appears to include no metallic parts, although this is difficult to gauge as it has proved opaque to all examination methods. The bed wood and varnish appear to otherwise react normally to damage.

When a mattress is put in the frame and a person places themselves (or is placed) on the mattress, their memories of the period spent sitting, standing or lying down in the bed will vanish once the subject has stood up and is no longer touching either the frame or the mattress. This does not occur on the frame alone, and the effect does not occur should there be pillows, sheets or any other material on the bed. Other objects similar in area and comfort to a mattress (such as a futon or several cushions) have proven to yield the same effect. Subjects will remember having made the motion or having the intention to sit down, but will be completely unable to tell how long they spent on the bed or what they did while they were on it. The impression has been universally described as "creepy". Subjects sleeping on the bed, although experimenting this memory loss, also report feeling particularly refreshed both before and after standing up. Subjects sleeping on SCP-192, as far as can be determined, never enter REM sleep.

During an experiment on ██/██/████, a subject reported his memories having suddenly been replaced. All conscious memories were lost and replaced with those of the previous persons to have sat on the bed. The subject (D-286), a 26-years old Indian-American of Malayalam descent, acquired the memories of D-967, a 45-years old Caucasian man of unclear origins, who had been the last person to sit on the bed previously. The "imprinted" could recall any element of them with photographic specificity up to the moment of the switch, when his consciousness appears to abruptly be transported in a foreign body. The original owner of the memories was unaffected, though mildly disturbed. Nonetheless, all other forms of memory appear to be unaffected: the subject is still proficient in several sports and chess, even though he cannot consciously recall the rules of having ever played them. He was also able to accurately recognize his mother amongst several pictures, even though he was incapable of describing or naming her. He reported general extreme confusion and requested to be administered an amnesiac to clear his mind. The request was refused and the subject was terminated at the end of the month per normal procedure. For details and psychological evaluations, see Incident Report 192b.

Addendum 01: SCP-192 was confirmed to allow "safe" sleep in the area of effect of SCP-640. Requests to test this effects of SCP-192 with other dream-related SCPs such as SCP-781 and SCP-122 are pending. A request to use SCP-192 to make SCP-231's living conditions more humane was denied.

Addendum 02: Due to persistent amusement being derived from SCP-192 by jumping on it, and the earlier incident during which Agent Thornton broke his arm (see Incident 192a), the height of the ceiling in the room will be lowered to 1.6 meters when jumping-related experiments are not being performed. Any attempt to derive amusement from SCP-192 will be met with reprimand, and possibly demoting. -Dr. Fries

Addendum 03: Following Incident 192b and until we know whether SCP-590 or any other method can be effective in reversing the effect, personnel of security level 2 or higher are also not allowed to subject themselves to the effect of SCP-192 without a clearance from at least one O5-level personnel. -Dr. Clef

Addendum 04: Dangit Clef, I had plans for that thing! - Dr. Rights

Incident report 192a: For reasons unclear (as the room wasn't being monitored at the time, possibly this was an impulsive test idea), Agent Thornton jumped on the mattress to reach the other side of the bed. Upon touching the mattress, his memory of reaching it disappeared and he became highly confused spatially, resulting in a poor reception, during which he broke his arm and got a concussion. After he explained to nearby D-class personnel what had occurred, D-467 decided to try jumping on the bed in a stationary fashion. He reported the impression as "very strange, yet incredibly exhilarating". Both were reprimanded for reckless experimentation.

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