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SCP-193 after being cleaned of blood.

Item #: SCP-193

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are not to hold SCP-193 unless cleared by Psychological Evaluation-193/445 under polygraph analysis. SCP-193 is otherwise to be kept in weapons locker #018 in Sector-19. Only Lv4-65488, Dr. J███████ K█████ , is to be privy to the combination to weapons locker #018.

Description: SCP-193 is a single edged blade approximately 92cm in length with 24cm bound with synthetic fibers and a flat pommel at the bottom end. Along the blade there are several elongated rectangular holes alternating with square holes in a double pattern. Material analysis determined the metal to not be metal at all, but rather a series carbon chains woven solid at the molecular level.

Upon grasping any part of the wrapped handle or metal, users feel a tingling numbing sensation travel through their body from the point of contact with the handle. Physiological examination of test subjects post-mortem reveals all biological cells are infiltrated by synthetic, self replicating, inorganic, nanites. Tests on the behavior of the nanites reveals they are sensitive to a wide range of wavelengths but only respond to the neurological impulses from the host body and the delicate tune of waves emitted by the blade. Construction of a single nanite consumes a single mitochondria per cell, when multiple nanites are placed in a single living cell, one voluntarily [REDACTED?]

While holding the blade, subjects fully integrated with nanites gain a comprehensive understanding of a previously unknown style of sword combat. In addition to being instilled with knowledge, subjects gain extraordinary physical prowess, far exceeding even the finest of athletes. The nanites, while powered by the host body, perform no function whilst the body is not physically in contact with the blade. The blade, through an unknown power source creates an energy that causes the edge to hyperaccelerated vibrations between 24 and 73 picometers; this makes the edge nearly indestructible, as it disintegrates any matter more complex than basic molecular bonds.

Through an unidentifiable method of sensory awareness, the blade detects any immediate threats to its holder's life and uses its connection with the nanites to cause the blade wielder to involuntarily react to the threat. These reactions are often spectacular movements, most appear inhuman in strength or speed; examples being: cartwheeling across a speeding vehicle, batting away low mass projectiles of varying velocity using the blade, contorting the body to avoid large projectiles outside the field of vision, and jumping up to 40 meters into the air to escape otherwise unavoidable dangers. Subjects often feel bewildered while forced to defend against dangers they themselves had not perceived, but are often exhilarated by survival and quickly abandon themselves to the blade's protection.

Acquisition Report: On ██/██/20██, SCP-076 excitedly began preparing his Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (Aka "Pandora's Box") for no discernible reason. When commanding personnel inquired to the purpose of his behavior his only response was, “There's going to be a task for us sometime soon, you just let me know when and where it shows up,” and that he didn't know anything more.

076 insisted that Agent T█████ R█████ be equipped with SCP-150 instead of conventional weaponry, stating, “As long as he doesn't drop it he'll be a good second,” apparently hoping to ensure several chances to regenerate when against the unknown threat. The rest of Pandora's Box was outfitted with M82A2 rifles.

On ██/██/20██ police reports were forwarded to The Foundation citing: “a man fighting his way through a city using only a sword.” 076 and Pandora's Box were dispatched to the scene.

With nearly an entire city street decimated by slash marks, lethal combat clearance was granted to 076. Pandora's Box members' M82A2s were effective in forcing the assailant to move away from the city onto an abandoned highway, where 076 and Agent T█████ R█████ proceeded to engage in close quarters combat. After 4 regenerative cycles by 076 and T█████ R█████'s effective backup, the assailant was defeated when 076 threw 7 consecutive spear weapons, caging the assailants movement, then impaled him with a longsword.

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